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Collection: Undrilled Spheres for Healing Therapies

Undrilled Spheres

Great For Rejuvenating Eye Therapy
Can be used for other therapy techniques
including chakra healing, acupoint, etc.

Sold in pairs except for our 7 chakra color set

Why use undrilled sphere for Eye Healing Therapy Tools?
The eye is defined as an organ of sight or of light sensitivity.  Eye disorders are numerous and varied but they all have one thing in common - they diminish or completely impede natural vision.  All eye disorders indicate a lack of desire to see what is happening or to see the truth.  It is an old approach to protect oneself but this approach no longer serves us.  It is time to accept that nothing will change in our lives even if we refuse to see the truth - so a better approach is to face up to whatever we do not want to see and address it as it happens.

It is said the eyes are the mirror of the soul so know that with any eye disorder there in lies an important message and indication that you are not moving in the right direction or in alignment with your soul’s purpose.
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