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FREE 3 Day Violet Flame Remote Healing

Violet Flame Remote Healing
September 1-3
The Healing Flames transmute energies which are no longer serving or hindering the realization of our true, authentic selves and being. This healing will  be bridging the Full Moon in Pisces for an potent personal transformational experience.

V, Miriam and I have been working with the Healing Flames with profound results that we found it fitting to offer this healing.  Globally we are moving forward to higher vibration and even though it may seem chaotic or challenging  at times - all that is needed is to move through the streams of what is holding us back individually and as humanity.

Scroll down for more info on how the session works
and what the Violet Flame is.
All participants will receive a daily remote session using Therapeutic Gemstones, Divine Healing Liquids, Reiki and crystals aligned with the Violet Flame. 

 Simply email me your name and those who you would like
to be added to the healing and that's it. 

email: Office@Tools4transformation.com

If you would like to receive daily emails with a few words/sharing about the session itself PLEASE make sure to include the email in which you would like the message to be sent.

You will receive three days of Violet Flame input to aid in reaching higher vibration, a stronger feeling of well being and a deep release of all that is no longer serving you.

High vibration naturally keeps out dis-harmonies, negativity, eases stress/anxiety, boosts the immune system and cultivates a feel good feeling regardless of the outer circumstances.


More info on how this group healing will work...
The first thing I would like to explain is the timing.  The session and the session space are set in "no time".  Time is a concept that is applied to our planet and is seen as linear.  With energy and working with the higher self, higher realms, etheric fields and bodies, etc. time does not necessarily exist.  This is why it doesn't really matter that the group is spread across the planet within many different times zones.  The healing itself is being administered in the "no time" zone and will be conveyed to the individual participant when it best suits. 
Often people ask when will the session be done so they can tune in during it but the same applies.  You can tune in at any time of your choosing and you will sense and feel the session. The "session" is about an hour each day but the healing extends beyond the time in which the session itself is given. It will all be done with the highest intent and in harmony.

Each day V, Miriam & I will be doing a specialized session together as a team, on each of you and as a group whole. The session acts as an input and allows me to delve into the group energy to receive messages and guidance but the healing isn't limited to the session time - it is ongoing based on the individual - from one day to weeks.  I will serve as the host and hold the energy so that we may all experience the highest possible outcome - in whatever time frame it takes to unfold.

You will receive these daily emails with the info I was guided to share.  We will all be joined together in a space of healing over the 3 days.  This space is one of non-judgment and safety whose focus is on personal transformation and self realization.  Whatever each individual needs for their healing will be provided for in the space and since we all share the space we create a commonality - an anchoring of the Oneness.

At the beginning of the session we will call you in via your energetic field/higher self.  I then confirm I "see" that you are present and we will begin the session after we have connected with each participant. Most times after the first day there is no need to "call" anyone in as we tend to stay present in the field of the healing.  We still do this every day though to make sure the connection is solid and strong so everyone can receive the most benefit.

We approach the session as if you are here with us in our healing room.  We have the tools we need all ready and purified for the greatest potency. We also set a field in our space for the group healing - an optimal safe space to experience whatever needs to be experience for the healing and also to invite all our guardians, guides, angels and other higher energies into the healing space. It is a combination of using both physical tools and actual motion with movements along with energetic work.  For instance, we use a physical gemstone set of the selected gems but I energetically set them on each one of the participants chakras.  It may sound a bit far out there - but it works.

It should also be noted that all the “work” that is done is for your highest good.  You are always in a field of protection and nothing that isn’t for your highest good will occur.  We are working directly with your higher self via your energy body and all is done with your higher self consent.  Even though it is a group healing we work with you individually too - taking into account all the personal needs and honoring that none of us are the same nor require the same approach or healing.
It doesn't matter where you are - what country you are in - or what you are doing. You can go through your "normal" routine - sleep, work, play, etc and fully receive the benefits.

What Is the Violet Flame?

What is the violet flame? It is an invisible spiritual energy which appears violet to those who have developed their spiritual vision. Each person has a colorful aura which surrounds them, but violet is the most spiritual color of all. When one has violet in their aura, it is accepted that this person has healing energies and can use them to benefit anyone.

Knowledge of the violet flame was only given to a special few in previous centuries. Saints and adepts of the east and west had to be proven worthy to be privy to this valuable healing tool. But in our time, this positive information is available to all of us who are interested in working with these powerful energies.

The violet flame changes negative energy into positive energy. In the 21st century, we know that good health depends on our body, mind, and spirit being in alignment. Transmutation is to change the form, nature, or appearance of something, and shape it into a higher form. Ancient alchemists were thought to be attempting to change lead into gold. But the spiritual ones were searching for a way to change the “lead” of negative human energy into the “gold” of Divine energy.

When negative thoughts and feelings are transformed, the violet flame provides a doorway for healing. Some of us use mediation as a means of aligning our energies, but when using the violet flame, it permeates every cell and atom of your body, mind, emotions, subconscious, and memory. Guy and Edna Ballard founded I AM in the 1930s, writing about the violet flame as the means by which any human could free themselves from our human discord and imperfections. As is often said in metaphysics, “We are spiritual beings trying to live in the physical world.”

 Simply email me your name and those who you would like
to be added to the healing and that's it. 

email: Office@Tools4transformation.com



Shared experiences from past remote healings...
Thank you so much for offering these healings!
 We have found the healings to be very helpful in letting go
of what no longer serves us.  
Many blessings and love to you,
Pink Violet Flame Healing
Another wonderful session Sia!  I could feel the gentleness of that first day.  In the midst of all that is going on in the world and our lives it was soothing and comforting.  I also noticed how it was impacting my clients’ energy fields both on Monday and Tuesday even though they were not directly involved in the remote healing.   The connection with the full moon this time felt even more powerful for me!

Heartfelt gratitude to all of you,
Wow Sia, V and Miriam thank you so much, that was beautiful. I am calm, I feel cleansed and I feel blessed. I am deeply grateful to you three. You are kind.
I listened to the Heaven Letter this morning and I felt moved by it. Thank you for it.

Thank you so much for your healing.

Thank you so much!!
The energy has been very powerful all around me for the duration of the healing session.
Many blessings to All.
Love & Light

Dear Sia, am embraced by joyous loving energy, sharing with others in my life who are benefiting through me. I'm aware of more enlightened responses. Such gratitude for this work that you three beautiful beings do. What a privilege to b on the planet at this crucial time for humanity, and to have been in your energy field.
Namaste 🙏🙏

Thanks very much to you, V, and Miriam for the great healing. Each morning I found myself in a very peaceful state upon waking and wanting to stay in bed longer than usual - the energies were very peaceful and relaxing for me. I am very grateful for the sessions and look forward to the Lion's Gate one which I already put my name on the list for. Thanks! :)
Much love and gratitude
Green Violet Flame Healing
 Both my husband and I experienced a significant shift with the June healing.   I felt a lift in my Spirit and I spontaneously noticed that I was in a state of joy for no particular reason many times during that week.  My husband has had significant health issues with pain and low energy for the past month.  He was more energetic and optimistic during and for about 2 weeks after the June healing.  I also appreciated the daily updates, reflections and information provided.  Again heartfelt gratitude!  

Thank you for this wonderful care, I feel regenerated.
Blue Violet Flame Healing
Sia, I am grateful for your's, V's and Miriam's healings. It's truly a gift from your heart. Your healings are helping me further me along in my quest to open my awareness completely.  

Earlier today I felt and noticed a shift in how I was thinking, it was a different way of approaching my thought and I welcomed it. This evening after reading your email I understand it. It was nice, thank you.  

I walked a labyrinth yesterday and my intention was to unblock and send off bits of my past. At this moment while typing I realized that that happened. I felt it today while I was at a berry farm, but it dawned on me tonight. 
Thank you very much for the three day healing and the great write-ups! Thank you very much for offering these great healings!
Much gratitude

Thank you again for the healing I’ve received.  I can feel the movement within already.

This is a totally free event
- no obligation to purchase anything/do anything
-but receive healing energies.  Anyone, anywhere can join!

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