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Alexandrite Gem Healing Ring

Alexandrite Gem Healing Ring

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6.75ct @ $32.00/ct

Please note:
Genuine Alexandrite &  Alexandrite Cat's Eye changes color under UV light. 

Ring is shown next to a US quarter coin which is 24mm.
You will receive the ring pictured.

The Guardian of Alexandrite explains... 
Alexandrite is a high frequency, powerful and "magical" gem.
Under different light sources, it changes its appearance (color) due to its matrix.
Its target is to restore one to the original state of being. Many factors affect one from being one's true being but the main factors are often outside of oneself. These influences form an approach to life and create energetic blocks within one's systems (including the nervous system, lymphatic system, and endocrine system). 
Alexandrite works vigorously on removing these energetic blocks which free one to live the life one was intended to. Alexandrite also focuses some of its energy on the heart and its surrounding area. It is known that one of the most optimal ways of living is through the heart and if that organ is functioning at peak performance all other systems will have the benefit.