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Amber Light Andara Crystal Pyramid
Amber Light Andara Crystal Pyramid
Amber Light Andara Crystal Pyramid
Amber Light Andara Crystal Pyramid
Amber Light Andara Crystal Pyramid

Amber Light Andara Crystal Pyramid

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5th Dimensional Healing Pyramid
made from authentic Monatomic Andara Crystals

Light Amber Pyramid
3inch x 3 inch x 3.5 inch tall
7.5cm x 7.5cm x 9cm

The Light Amber Andara Crystal color helps to recognize and manifest personal power in a positive manner aligned with the Oneness. This color aids in being on the planet, centered in the heart, warm and light in connections with others. It uplifts, stimulates and highlights one’s positive traits while giving one a foundation based with one’s soul plan.

The Light Amber Andara Crystal color is a powerful force to bring in light of realization to the lower chakras, clearing away shadows, denials, blockages and stuck energies of all kinds. This color transfers grounding light to the core providing strong stability and anchoring to the self. It helps to raise the light quotient and activates the lower chakras.

The Light Amber Andara Crystal color resonates to the 2nd chakra and the 2nd Ray of Healing along with the 3rd chakra and the 3rd Ray of Healing.  

The Magic of the Pyramid Shape
What makes a pyramid so powerful and "magical" is its ability to channel or collect energy from the higher realms of the stars, the planets and the Universe and deliver it down to earth. The bottom of the pyramid represents a solid, earthy foundation, whereas the pointed top represents being able to reach into higher realms of consciousness.

A pyramid also creates a spherical field like a 3D globe of harmonic vibrations – where the wave patterns are synchronous and rhythmic – around itself. Everything within that field will move towards the harmony. Therefore this is the perfect shape to have when placing an Andara Crystal polished piece in your space, as it will create a field of resonance filled with 5th dimensional healing energies.

Why polish the Andara crystal
The Andara Crystals are often sold in "rough” pieces.  Just as with the gemstones,
we find that having them in rounded shapes offer a higher absorption and even
stronger effect of their vibration, providing faster and more noticeable results.
The energy of the rounded shapes “rolls” through the human auric field and works
in harmony with it, whereas the rough shapes create a type of break of flow.
Rounded shapes, in general, work holistically making it a natural choice to have
our Andara Crystals rounded, that they offer more potent healing and expanding

We guarantee all our Andara crystals to be authentic Monatomic Andara crystals - found in regions where monatomic minerals are contained within the soil.