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Andalusite Gem Healing Ring

Andalusite Gem Healing Ring

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11.80ct @ $5.00/ct

Ring is shown next to a US quarter coin which is 24mm.
You will receive the ring pictured.

The Guardian of Andalusite explains...
Humanity is taking powerful vibrational steps as Mother Earth is transforming into the New Earth. The influences that are bringing about this vibrational shift for the transformation of both will not cease. For most people, this creates an imbalance which then requires time to work through the integration process. Andalusite will alleviate or lessen the need for integration depending on the wearer/user, and it balances the bodies/systems in a completely integrated whole. It aids the individual in processing the input and quickly moving through the work to support the return to one’s inherent Divine Nature.
A major mission of this gem is to balance the male/female within.
Andalusite is one of the most powerful gems to do this since it is naturally harmonious and carries a full spectrum of color, especially the opposites of red and green. Each member of humanity holds the answers to every question ever asked. The trick is to access it. Andalusite assists in doing this.
Mental clarity and comprehension are gained in using this gem which opens the access doors to boundless information.
The simplicity of everything is revealed and the illusion of life as a game is made clear.
On the physical level, Andalusite uplifts, renews, and energizes while inspiring one to take care of one’s body. It supports one's will power to follow through on actions which best suit the body/mind system. The full-color-spectrum vibration this gem emits allows for unique healing to occur in the physical as it balances and harmonizes whatever is out of sync. Since disease/sickness is nothing more than an imbalance on some level, it offers overall support for healing on every level. This is best seen when the body is subjected to changes in the environment such as travel or weather and in cases of stress-related illness.
Andalusite works on the root causes of illness which is not limited to the physical aspect but is the combination of all aspects interacting together. In a few words, Andalusite is the fast track to realize the Divine Nature within and bring it forth in its perfected form.