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Andesine Gem Healing Ring

Andesine Gem Healing Ring

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Extraordinary plus plus
5.2mm - 6.7mm
17.85ct @ $2.75/ct

Ring is shown next to a US quarter coin which is 24mm.
You will receive the ring pictured.

The Guardian of Andesine explains...
Andesine is one of the few gems that have recently been found by design to help support and aid humanity on its path of transformation.
The colors range from peach-ish, reddish and greenish but all fulfill the mission of the gem. It is suggested to select the one which appeals the most as this will indicate which one you will receive the highest benefit. Each individual bead flashes colors of gold or blue in addition to its outer multi-colored appearance which can create dimensional portals when used with focused intent.   

 Andesine's main focus is on love and to live in and through the heart.
It helps to increase one's ability to feel and experience devotion (be it a person or purpose) by streaming a full focus through the heart. Using this gem makes it much easier to tune into what one's mission or life's work is and be able to do it with ease. 
Through this, it enhances one's productivity since working is done in harmony with being. It highlights talents and skills then amplifies these abilities - bringing forth the individual's mysticism. 
Andesine funnels one's ability to see the positive in all - be it people, things or situations.
It is in this positive space that Source, God or Spirit resides making it easier to see the "God in all". This, in turn, helps to open both the heart and crown chakras to more readily receive information from the higher, gain greater clarity of mind along with an openness to love without fear.     
On the physical, it is calming to the nervous system so a stabilized, balanced state can be experienced when using this gem easing organ function, stress and improving overall well-being.