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Apatite - Seafoam Gem Healing Ring

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Ring is shown next to a US dime coin which is 18mm.
You will receive the ring pictured.

Sea Foam Apatite
The Guardian of Sea Foam Green Apatite explains...
Seafoam Green Apatite's main focus is the cleansing/purification of the body/mind in order to be able to receive and sustain higher frequencies. This gem is the carrier of the 8th ray whose vibration, color and frequency all instigate cleansing and purification. The main purpose of the 8th ray is to assist one's being to progress further by removing whatever obstacles that are hindering growth and transformation.  

In wearing (or using) Seafoam Green Apatite, one is able to receive the benefits of the ray's purpose directly and in a consistent form. This provides a powerful source to bring one's self to another level of being leading to a more enjoyable state.

Humanity has a natural drive to evolve. This translates into being in a state of constant change. Currently, the push to evolve has strengthened as an evolutionary leap is on the horizon. Many are experiencing more imbalances as the push to transform meets the closed doors of blockages. This is where Seafoam Green Apatite can be a powerful benefit. It cleanses and purifies the obstacles leading to easier transitions and fluid movements to a higher state.

Seafoam Green Apatite also helps one to uncover root issues that are creating blockages. Root issues tend to be stored in the core of one's being - the subconscious. For many, this is a place one hesitates to explore as it requires some "work" to process what is stored there. The energies of Seafoam Green
Apatite creates a safe vantage point to view and dissolve whatever hindrances may lie there. Tackling root issues and removing them can also create opportunities for tremendous personal growth as often root issues are linked to many outward blocks. Therefore, Seafoam Green Apatite hastens even further
the process of reaching a higher state of existence.

The physical effects of Seafoam Green Apatite tend to be secondary to its overall cleansing. Many experiences a clearer head - better clarity of mind, eased eyesight, expanded nasal passageways, eased breathing, etc.
Its cleansing promotes less stress and an uplifted sense of being.