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Baba Vibrational Essence
Baba Vibrational Essence

Baba Vibrational Essence

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Baba Divine Healing Liquid / Vibrational Essence
"No harm can ever befall a person whose heart is full of compassion, whose words are adorned by Truth and whose body is dedicated to the welfare of others."
- Sri Sathya

First I would like to give you some information about the background
of the "Baba -Divine Healing Liquid".
Sia & I went to Puttaparthi, India to see Shri Sathya Sai Baba.  We've been called to give birth to our daughter Miriam at his ashram. The birth happened on 7 October 2000 in our flat right at the wall of the ashram. She came in the middle of the night, where only my physical hands were there to receive the little body named Miriam, in our kitchen space.
Five days later we've been called in a meditation to bring Miriam into the big meditation hall where Baba gives his morning darshan. During his walk, he direct stopped in front of Miriam and showered his love and blessings onto her.

At home in another meditation, Baba guided us (as a birthday present for Miriam) how to create the "Divine Healing Liquid". The base of the liquid consists of activated healing water, alcohol for preservation, and vibhuthi (holy blessed ashes from Baba). The entire process of invocations and prayer took a period of 21 days.

For the first six months after its making, all the three of us took this liquid daily. Sia and I witnessed clearing and harmonizing on all levels. Now we come to the "tune-ins" on the effects of the liquid which happened after taking the liquid for a few days.

-Brings forth the love of the universal avatar
and heart of the universe Shri Satya Sai Baba
-Healing on all levels
-Adding to any essence will enhance its effect
-Strongly builds love quotient
-Put on eyelids (not in the eyes) to relax tensions and it works on improving and might
restore clear eyesight
-Brings forth peace and love in every living being (human, animal & plants)
-Softens hardened ego
-Since it creates a loving bubble within one's aura, fear has no chance to come up
-Very good for children with fear of darkness, aloneness, etc.
-Perfect for group mediation and love healing for people and the planet
-Good for finding our what is your true heart desire and to manifest it
-Brings the center of focus to your heart during meditation
-Works on aggressive behavior, sexual misbehavior, inferior/superior complex and
lack of self-worth
-Balancing undernourishment of love, nourishing
-Clears negativity out of all bodies
-Accelerating karma clearing
-Speeds up the way to personal enlightenment
-Healing of deep emotional traumas
-Has the potential to heal all physical ailments
-Can balance over and underweight  manifested through lack of love
-Purifies the blood, strengthens and detoxifies all organs

Side effects:
Through the raising of the vibrational frequencies,
it can happen that for a period of time
there might be a runny nose,
cough and the urge to spit (in order to remove excess mucus).

Within the transition time, some people might experience more sensitivity or
vulnerability until the next level is integrated.

Miracles are possible with this liquid.
Divine healing liquids are available in several sizes including refill bottles
select from the pull down menu your desired bottle type and size

3-5 times a day 7 drops (under the tongue) or
2 sprayer squirts (under the tongue) for healing purposes
and/or 12 drops (under the tongue) or
3 sprayer squirts (under the tongue) before meditation

For Liquids & Sprays:
Give as much time as possible after intake to sit or stand
with closed eyes to feel consciously their vibration unfold

Additional Uses for all liquids and sprays:
Apply directly to pulse points
Apply to acupressure and/or chakra points
Add to massage oils
Add to oil burners
Add to an atomizer or atomizer to add to the air
Add to paint or pottery or other art elements
to infuse the vibration within