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Beryl Golden Gem Healing Ring

Beryl Golden Gem Healing Ring

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4.75ct @ $8.00/ct

Ring is shown next to a US quarter coin which is 24mm.
You will receive the ring pictured.

The Guardian of Golden Beryl explains...
Golden beryl is a high-frequency gem that brings forth one's inner light. This gem balances and aligns all aspects of the body through light. Light is a powerful transformer that uses its power to purify. The purer one is, the easier it is for the pure essence within to radiate out. Golden beryl purifies and transforms whatever aspect most in need to enhance the overall capacity of light.
Golden beryl directly assists is manifesting the new being for the "new world" which is upon the Earth. It supports one's evolution to a "higher" way of being mainly facilitating the capacity to hold more light/ higher frequencies/ higher vibrations.  The experience of life through this avenue is expanding and one is able to not only see but experience the abundance of options available.
Golden beryl's energy can be likened to that of the sun - warming, soothing and inspiring life.  (The reference to the sun's and its energies is to the time when atmospheric conditions didn't affect the positive influence of the sun's power.) 
The energy of the Golden beryl creates the ideal environment to grow and transform. It activates the chakras and supports the crown to open and expand its capacity to receive. It's energy additionally focuses on the third chakra and the surrounding area, accentuating the positive expression of the ego.

Golden beryl creates a field within the aura which is able to work as a physical shield. This can be used as a preventative of common sicknesses such as cold and flu, besides maintaining a level of positivity. Golden beryl also strongly activates the Pineal and Pituitary glands. This expands the mind's capabilities and heightens the senses which pave the way for a higher level of communication.  Its energy also benefits the pancreas, liver, and spleen.     

Golden beryl has been found by many to be a powerful tool in working with the light body and/or following the path to ascension. It also transfers the power and benefits one receives through sun gazing. This gem does bring forth a purer expression of the self, able to access unlimited energy to support a higher expression.