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Bronzite Chakra Healing Set
Bronzite Chakra Healing Set

Bronzite Chakra Healing Set

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Bronzite Healing Chakra Set

You will receive the set pictured
shown next to a US Quarter which is 24mm

How to use
Place one piece on each chakra while lying down.
For the seventh chakra / crown, place the piece just above the head.  

The time frame is up to you.  
It is recommended between 20-60 minutes.
Use soft and uplifting back ground music if you like.  
The pieces can also be used individually for specialized placements and focus



The Guardian of Bronzite explains...

Bronzite is a gem which has harnessed the powers of the earth with those of the higher.  It has benefits for all and is a recommended tool for earth workers, healers, massage therapists, therapists and leaders of all types. The gem itself has a high content of iron which helps to heal any issues with iron deficiency, etc.  This aspect also creates a protection field from the energy of others - specifically negative - and a calm grounding which reinforces the confidence within and erases doubts and fears.

        Bronzite has a unique affinity in assisting one through any of life's changes; whether it is physical - puberty, menopause, aging, etc.; emotional - grief, traumatic events, etc.; mental - confusion, mental illness, etc.; or spiritual - integration of higher energies or new perspectives. It provides balance and stability to make any process easier.

      Bronzite also brings forth the awareness of the Oneness we share.  It turns the focus to that of service and respect for others and their needs.  The kindness and caring that is in each person comes to the forefront making one naturally more likable and easy going.

      Bronzite reinforces the nerves and strengthens the nervous system, helps heal and eliminate ulcers and greatly improves skin issues and rashes.  It does this on the cellular level restoring the cell balance so that tissues function as they were/are designed to.  It can be used as a tool for improving focus which would benefit anyone with memory issues or those seeking improvement of memory.

A side note... For those who work with Tiger's Eye, Hematite or Black Tourmaline this is an ideal substitute.  These three gems (and others) are no longer the best mode to receive the benefits they originally offered people.  Bronzite does provide all Tiger's Eye, Black Tourmaline & Hematite do and additionally are more in harmony with the current state of humanity thus the benefits will be stronger and more effective.