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Coral White EO++ 6.5mm 24.5inch

Coral White EO++ 6.5mm 24.5inch

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White Coral Therapeutic Necklace 

Extraordinary Plus Plus
24.5" with no lock, endless, fits over head
139.6ct @ $4.00/ct
Actual necklace shown in photos
only one available

The white coral used to make this necklace is vintage from the 1980's.

Tools4transformation has long maintained a deep commitment to the
earth and the environment. Our White Coral was harvested in harmony
with the ocean using only ethically and legally sourced options.
To do otherwise, we believe, would render it non therapeutic and is not
what Tools4transformation stands for.



Coral has long been said to possess sacred powers

Some of the benefits of White Coral
- balances and aligns the being
-helps to calm and soothe
-relieves panic and anxiety
-shields against negativity
-overcomes destructive thoughts and tendencies
-releases fears
-improves confidence
-improves communication skills
-aids in bonding with others and strengthens relationships
-heightens natural rejuvenation and healing
-boosts immune system
-improves metabolism

The Guardian of White Coral explains...
White Coral offers a boost to the overall being due to its protective nature. It blankets one in a soft white coat maintaining an unaffected inner state. Due to this it is an ideal gem for young ones. It facilitates an easy transition from womb to outer world and it’s protective “coat” nourishes. It can be continued to be used to maintain an unaffected inner state in children. Much of the world houses disharmonious energies which penetrate the beings of the young ones due to their openness. White Coral protects from these outside forces.

On a physical level White Coral strengthens the teeth and bones and can easily be used in the treatment of any issues with these (such as osteoporosis). It also activates tissue regeneration and has a youthening effect. White Coral could easily be worn throughout one’s life to ease the transitions of time and receive them with grace.

Mentally it leads one to a meditative state bringing simplicity to thoughts. Emotionally it invokes an inner peace and calm allowing one not to be overrun by the emotions. Physically it is soothing throughout, creating a multidimensional experience of serenity. This serenity envelopes one and uncovers the perfect environment for the true essence to flourish. It is an ideal gem to wear when one has removed the "mask" of the outer persona to reveal the inner true being for the world to see.

How to keep your necklace clean
Our preferred method of cleansing for the necklaces is using the Purple Positive Energy Plate. This plate not only cleanses but enlivens the gems to their optimal functioning.

More importantly - it is easy. You place the gems on the plate overnight and you have a newly energized necklace - ready to bring the utmost benefit to you. There is no concern of which gem can tolerate sunlight, which one can be in the water and which one can survive salt. All gems can be placed on the plate and be cleansed.

We offer Purple positive Energy Plates in two sizes -
small 4.5" x 2.75"
large 12" x 12"
We also offer a cleaning kit which includes a small purple plate and a cleaning brush.