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Diopside - Chrome Green Gem Healing Ring

Diopside - Chrome Green Gem Healing Ring

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Extraordinary plus plus
4.7x3.8mm- 5.8x4.7mm
3.30ct @ $7.00/ct

Ring is shown next to a US quarter coin which is 24mm.
You will receive the ring pictured.

Empowering gem aligning to the Green Ray of Healing

Here are some highlights of the benefits...

immune system boost
strengthens circulatory system
helps with any form of lung weakness
blood pressure regulation
promotes fast recovery
relieves headaches
removing addictions
tissue regeneration
teeth health
kidney aid

heals the past & its influences
removes traumas
lightens feelings of overwhelm
develops compassion
inspires self love & self care
calming & grounding
builds love quotient
alleviate aggression
obliterates fear
fortifies unconditional love

expands awareness and creative vision
infuses one with clarity
inspires new thought & perspectives
helps to merge heart and mind
encourages love based action
increases clear expression
attracts abundance
self esteem & self confidence booster
helps in decision making
removes inner conflicts
promotes positivity

amplifies trust
immerses you into universal flow
enhances your intuition
eases integration
connects to akashic records
facilitates communication to guides
strengthens natural healing powers
aids in aligning to soul purpose
strengthens connection to planet
supports entire etheric chakra column

Green Diopside
The Guardian of Green Diopside explains...
Green Diopside is a strong healing green force like no other.  It uses its yellow aspect to clean and clear any vibrations which are out of alignment throughout one's bodies/systems. Once these unaligned vibrations are cleared, the green saturates the areas allowing the full force of this gem to enter.
On a physical level, it works strongly and gives particular focus on the organs. Green Diopside fortifies the organs and assists in enhancing their function.  It is the key to have the organs functioning well in order to support the other healing aspects of this gem. Green Diopside simply saturates and transforms whatever vibrations are not in alignment with one's original design. Because of this focused intent, it can be used in treating cancer or other strong abnormalities.
On an emotional level, Green Diopside targets fear. It promotes the ideal of no fear. In reality and when one is one's pure being, there is no fear. So this gem can be used to overcome all types of fear holding one back to experience one's full potential.
On a mental level, Green Diopside targets thought patterns that are not in alignment to the pure being. Often one creates a justification to avoid situations and eventually one believes it as truth. This gem breaks through the "stories" created to reveal the full truth - one's original being.
On a spiritual level, it is incredibly expanding. Green Diopside naturally gravitates towards the pineal and pituitary glands which enhance one's third eye and crown capabilities. It also leads energies from beyond into one's brain instigating activations leading to great expansion. It is a great gem to remove
obstacles blocking one's way to the next step on the path or next evolutionary level.
It allows one to 
quickly progress due to its ability to affect the physical, emotional and mental all at once. When used (or worn) with conscious intent it can easily transform the eager seeker into the one who is.