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EMF Protection / 5G Protection Necklace 

EMF Protection 6-12.25mm 28.25inch

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EMF Protection / 5G Protection Necklace 

28.0ct Infused Rutilated Quartz
8mm Shungite & Frosted Quartz
28.25inch with no lock

The elements for this necklace are hand selected for their balance and harmony with one another.The elements are them weighed and priced according to their weight.The quality of each necklace is the same, just the element weights vary.

In the description above the amount of Infused Rutilated Quartz will be listed along with the size of the Shungite and Frosted Quartz (either 6mm or 8mm).

All Pyrite used is 6mm - regardless of other gem sizes.

It is suggested to keep your EMF Necklace clean and fully charged.

To do this simply place on purple plate overnight

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