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Energy Infusion - Ascended Master / Baba

Energy Infusion - Ascended Master / Baba

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Infusion of Therapeutic Necklace / Tool
with the energy of Baba

Benefits of this infusion...
Healing on all levels
Adding to any essence will enhance its effect
Strongly builds love quotient
Put on eyelids (not in the eyes) to relax tensions and it works on improving and might
restore clear eyesight
Brings forth peace and love in every living being (human, animal & plants)
Softens hardened ego
Since it creates a loving bubble within one's aura, fear has no chance to come up
Very good for children with fear of darkness, aloneness, etc.
Perfect for group mediation and love healing for people and the planet
Good for finding our what is your true heart desire and to manifest it
Brings the center of focus to your heart during meditation
Works on aggressive behavior, sexual misbehavior, inferior/superior complex and
lack of self-worth
Balancing undernourishment of love, nourishing
Clears negativity out of all bodies
Accelerating karma clearing
Speeds up the way to personal enlightenment
Healing of deep emotional traumas
Has the potential to heal all physical ailments
Can balance over and underweight  manifested through lack of love
Purifies the blood, strengthens and detoxifies all organs

 Energy infusion takes our Therapeutic Gemstone Necklaces and Tools to
another level of power.  We use the energy harnessed in our Divine Healing Liquids (Essences) to help anchor the energies along with intention and prayer.
The process in general amplifies the vibration of the necklaces and tools allowing one to experience another level of vibration.