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Opal - Fire Chakra Healing Set
Opal - Fire Chakra Healing Set

Opal - Fire Chakra Healing Set

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Fire Opal Healing Chakra Set

You will receive the set pictured
EO++ 73.6ct
shown next to a US Quarter which is 24mm

How to use
Place one piece on each chakra while lying down.
For the seventh chakra / crown, place the piece just above the head.  

The time frame is up to you.  
It is recommended between 20-60 minutes.
Use soft and uplifting back ground music if you like.  
The pieces can also be used individually for specialized placements and focus



The Guardian of Fire Opal explains...

     Fire Opal is a gem of purification and transformation and supports the user during these times of great change.  As it is with any change, the majority of the discomfort is due to the resisting of the incoming "tide" of change.  Fire Opal "burns" away the limiting beliefs/energies or blockages promoting a new openness to the moment.  This openness allows one to embrace change and realize that to be fully alive one must continue to keep moving (changing).

     Fire Opal gives the courage to take major steps or even small ones to move closer to the true nature of one's being.  It "feeds" creativity within and brings it forth in everyday situations to try different approaches and stay flexible to whatever happens.

     On a physical level Fire Opal improves overall circulation.  It boosts the immune system and purifies the physical during illness (like flu, colds, etc.).  It can also offer deeper cleansing benefits to those who fast or conduct periodic cleanses.  Fire Opal can take the physical to the next level either opening the doorway for the next spiritual step or supporting the spiritual step already taken.

     Fire Opal can offer great assistance to many having difficulties with the new frequencies inputs or simply the rapidly changing world.  It provides strength for what needs to be done and in that strength a confidence and calmness is instilled.