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FREE 3 Day Green Violet Flame Remote Healing

FREE 3 Day Green Violet Flame Remote Healing

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Green Violet Flame Remote Healing
June 19-21, 2020

This healing has been completed.
Another free remote healing will be offered at the beginning of July.
you can email office@tools4transformation.com
if you would like to be notified
The Healing Flames transmute energies which are no longer serving or hindering the realization of our true, authentic selves and being. This healing will be merged with the powerful June Solstice, Eclipse & New Moon energies for an potent personal transformational experience.
What is the Green Violet Flame?
The Green Violet Healing Flame, is one of the most powerful healing frequencies available in the 5th Dimension. It transmutes anything that is less than pure, restoring vibrant health, and it is a potent force of healing.

The Green Violet Healing Flame brings acceptance, compassion and inner peace and is the bridge between the voice of reason and the heart’s emotions.
All participants will receive a daily remote session using Therapeutic Gemstones, Divine Healing Liquids, Reiki and crystals aligned with the Green Violet Flame. 
 Simply email me your name and those who you would like
to be added to the healing and that's it. 

email: Sia@Tools4transformation.com

please note:
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If you would like to receive daily emails with a few words/sharing about the session itself PLEASE make sure to include the email in which you would like the message to be sent.

You will receive three days of Green Violet Flame input to aid in reaching higher vibration, a stronger feeling of well being and a deep release of all that is no longer serving you.

High vibration naturally keeps out dis-harmonies, negativity, eases stress/anxiety, boosts the immune system and cultivates a feel good feeling regardless of the outer circumstances.


More info on how this group healing will work...
Every day each participant will be reciving a "session" using the energies of the Green Violet Flame.  We will be using the power of three - having the three of us how make up the tools team - V, Miriam & myself (Sia) physically doing the session together - as if you are here in our healing space.
The "session" is about an hour each day but the healing extends beyond the time in which the session itself is given. It will all be done with the highest intent and in harmony.
It doesn't matter where you are - what country you are in - or what you are doing. You can go through your "normal" routine - sleep, work, play, etc and fully receive the benefits.
More Questions...
email: Sia@Tools4transformation.com