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FREE 8:8 Lion's Gate Portal Remote Healing

FREE 8:8 Lion's Gate Portal Remote Healing

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8:8 Lion's Gate Portal Remote Healing
August 8, 2020

Every year on and around the 8th day of the 8th month of the year (August 8th), there is a cosmic alignment called “the Lions Gateway”. The Lions Gate is a time of increased cosmic energy flowing between the physical and spiritual realms.

“A time when energies are SUPERCHARGED.
A Time to CREATE.”

Our focus will be on embodying the highest level of your I AM presence.

The Color Rays are a powerful way to balance and align our chakras as they provide the total nourishment we need.


We have developed a Color Ray Wash offering this full spectrum healing force and are offering a Free remote session with this new technique.

We purposely scheduled this remote healing in partnership with high energy planetary event happening this Saturday.  The session will help to open and align all the chakras so the energies of the Lion's Gate Portal Activation can fully come through.

What is the Lion's Gate?
Here is some more info...
All participants will receive a remote session using Therapeutic Gemstones, Divine Healing Liquids, Reiki and crystals aligned with the 8:8 Lion's gate Portal Activation.

 Simply email me your name and those who you would like
to be added to the healing and that's it. 

email: Office@Tools4transformation.com

please note:
Add to cart button on this page
is there in case you are placing an order and want to participate.
No need to add to cart - you can just email me

If you would like to receive an email with a few words/sharing about the session itself PLEASE make sure to include the email in which you would like the message to be sent.

You will receive a remote session which will help to balance, align and open your chakras to receive the full energies of the lion's gate Portal Activation plus increase your own personal vibration and merging with your I AM presence.
High vibration naturally keeps out dis-harmonies, negativity, eases stress/anxiety, boosts the immune system and cultivates a feel good feeling regardless of the outer circumstances.


More info on how this group healing will work...
Each participant will be receiving a "session".  We will be using the power of three - having the three of us how make up the tools team - V, Miriam & myself (Sia) physically doing the session together - as if you are here in our healing space.

The "session" is about an hour but the healing extends beyond the time in which the session itself is given. It will all be done with the highest intent and in harmony.

It doesn't matter where you are - what country you are in - or what you are doing. You can go through your "normal" routine - sleep, work, play, etc and fully receive the benefits.

Shared experiences from past remote healings...
Thank you so much for offering these healings!
 We have found the healings to be very helpful in letting go
of what no longer serves us.  
Many blessings and love to you,
Pink Violet Flame Healing
Thank so very much. I really felt the Pink Flame this weekend.   Very powerful. Thanks again for holding these ceremonies, I have had incredible experiences with each one.
Green Violet Flame Healing
 Both my husband and I experienced a significant shift with the June healing.   I felt a lift in my Spirit and I spontaneously noticed that I was in a state of joy for no particular reason many times during that week.  My husband has had significant health issues with pain and low energy for the past month.  He was more energetic and optimistic during and for about 2 weeks after the June healing.  I also appreciated the daily updates, reflections and information provided.  Again heartfelt gratitude!  

Thank you for this wonderful care, I feel regenerated.
Blue Violet Flame Healing
Sia, I am grateful for your's, V's and Miriam's healings. It's truly a gift from your heart. Your healings are helping me further me along in my quest to open my awareness completely.  
Earlier today I felt and noticed a shift in how I was thinking, it was a different way of approaching my thought and I welcomed it. This evening after reading your email I understand it. It was nice, thank you.  
I walked a labyrinth yesterday and my intention was to unblock and send off bits of my past. At this moment while typing I realized that that happened. I felt it today while I was at a berry farm, but it dawned on me tonight. 
Thank you very much for the three day healing and the great write-ups! Thank you very much for offering these great healings!
Much gratitude

Thank you again for the healing I’ve received.  I can feel the movement within already.

This is a totally free event
- no obligation to purchase anything/do anything
-but receive healing energies.  Anyone, anywhere can join!

Several people have requested a place where they can make a love offering or donation of gratitude so we have created a donation button below. We in no way expect anything but also want to honor the requests of others.