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Moldavite Gem Healing Ring

Moldavite Gem Healing Ring

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4.35ct @ $9.00/ct

Ring is shown next to a US quarter coin which is 24mm.
You will receive the ring pictured.

The Guardian of Moldavite explains...
Moldavite is a high-frequency gem that holds immense power for healing.
It stores the healing energy from beyond one's planet and transfers this readily to the wearer (or user). It is concrete evidence that there is support from beyond and with experience of this gem one can feel and sense the love in which it shares its energy for the betterment of the being.
Moldavite inspires one's loving nature to come forth and to extend it beyond the normal realms to all. It touches the unifying link within and awakens the drive for peace. It recreates the ties to the origins and activates the systems and body to expand beyond one's current state.
Moldavite penetrates down to the cellular, activating and stimulating the DNA. Its only goal is to expand the being to its fullest capability - to transcend. Some of the special benefits that one experiences physically are its boost to the immune system, expansion of the senses and the increase of energy. It lifts one up, purifies and adds higher frequencies.
Moldavite perfects the functioning of the brain, nervous system and chakra system in order to enhance the experience in one's physical "vehicle". 
Moldavite offers the unique opportunity to expand consciousness to encompass Universality. One experiences becoming "one of the whole" and is motivated to instigate change for the better.
This gem is great for those tired of the current state of affairs. It also offers support to the lightworkers and those consciously evolving. Moldavite is the response to a call for help from those on Planet Earth and those who choose to use this response will benefit greatly.