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Polished Silver - Deep Andara Crystal
Polished Silver - Deep Andara Crystal
Polished Silver - Deep Andara Crystal
Polished Silver - Deep Andara Crystal

Polished Silver - Deep Andara Crystal

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5th Dimensional Healing Polished Piece
made from an authentic Monatomic Andara Crystal
(rich in Prima Matra Ethirium)
specially chosen & then polished for Tools4transformation

This Polished Andara Crystal Piece is a beautiful Deep Silver color.
It has a galaxy of micro bubbles along with several larger bubbles throughout.
It has various sizes of bubbles within creating a very universal  look.

approximately 7 inch tall
approximately 5 inch wide
approximately 2.5inch deep
weighs 3.59kg

Why polish the Andara crystal?
The Andara Crystals are often sold in "rough” pieces.  Just as with the gemstones, we find that having them in rounded shapes offer a higher absorption and even stronger effect of their vibration, providing faster and more noticeable results. The energy of the rounded shapes “rolls” through the human auric field and works in harmony with it, whereas the rough shapes create a type of break of flow.
Rounded shapes, in general, work holistically making it a natural choice to have our Andara Crystals rounded, that they offer more potent healing and expanding effects.  
What you might experience when working with this
5th Dimensional Healing Polished piece
of authentic Monatomic Andara Crystal
Interest in Andaras has been growing as humanity’s consciousness is expanding into the 5th dimension.  They are a potent tools for profound healing, awakening and assistance in realizing our full potential within all levels and aspects of being.

Even though each person’s experience may be different -  we have listed a few things which we have  experienced to give you an idea of the direction and help they can provide.

Authentic Monatomic Andara Crystals can…
-Clear blockages
-Heal physical vehicle
-Remove pain
-Purify the aura
-Recalibrate the nervous system
-Open the heart
-Shift perception
-Increase vibration
-Enhance DNA
-Access light codes and define light language
-Access ancient wisdom/sacred knowledge/akashic
records for expansive understanding
-Rise above past and future and focus on present moment
-Ease and speed the ascension process
-Expand consciousness
-Empower the being
-Lead to live 5D while still in a 3D to 4D surrounding

Because the Andara Crystals are “first-matter” elements aka prima matra they possess some unique traits which many find at first unsettling and then come to crave.

They possess a very high atomic spin rate which translates as a high vibrational energy.  This vibrational energy can be passed onto another object, person, place or thing when used with intention.  They also mimic light photons - so they can seem to appear or disappear, in and out of existence.


Because the colors bring an added dimension to the healing received - color summaries have been created, listed below, to help in the selection or perhaps help to understand why drawn to a certain color.  It should be understood that regardless of color - the Andara crystal share a frequency since they are all carry the  monatomic elements - conveying super potent healing and help.  The color - is an added bonus to the healing.
It should be noted that between color hues, for example blues, greens, etc., there will be overlaps in the helping traits.  Rather than give very general information on the individual colors we chose to distinguish between the slight variances of hues to perhaps fine tune and focus the healing process.
The Deep Silver Andara Crystal color is a powerful force to help illuminate the shadow aspects/self with the intent to bring about a new state of wholeness.  It allows to delve deep into the subconscious, see patterns and programs and shift what needs to be shifted in order to unify all parts.  It opens one to guidance/messages/insights from the higher self for greater and deeper understanding.

The Deep Silver Andara Crystal color helps to read energies and even see between the veils or dimensions.  It’s deeper illumination properties helps one to see the gifts in challenging times/situations, allowing to see the positive and transcend fear.  This color removes old hurts/traumas freeing one from the hold of the past.
The Deep Silver Andara Crystal color connects to the elementals, opening the doors to the unique healing associated with the elemental kingdom.  It allows one’s perspective to shift to the magical nature of this planet and dimensions.  This color ignites the manifesting traits we all possess, restoring our true nature of magical beings.