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Quartz - Rutilated Gem Healing Ring

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15.6ct @ $4.00/g

Ring is shown next to a US dime coin which is 18mm.
You will receive the ring pictured.

Rutilated Quartz
The Guardian of Rutilated Quartz explains...
Rutilated Quartz is a high-frequency gem. The life force energy carried within Quartz is magnified through the Rutile giving it "out of this world" enhancements. This gem expands one's view and allows for easy connection to higher realms, frequencies, and dimensions. The connections created to widen the perspective and openness can be experienced within and throughout the Universe.

Rutilated Quartz is a stabilizing gem for the body. It naturally blocks incoming negative energy and transmutes existing negative energy. It also blocks or lessens other interferences that disrupt the electrical system. These interferences include higher frequencies, disruptive thought patterns, and man-
made device outputs (EMF).

Rutilated Quartz simply raises one's overall vibration. This benefits the mind with increased clarity which, in turn, benefits the emotions. All aspects are flooded with light and Rutilated Quartz facilitates the development of the means to receive even more. It targets the Antakarana with strong aligning and
strengthening energies and can easily be used to build one's light quotient.

With Rutilated Quartz the being is expanded multi-dimensionally and one can experience the limitlessness of the true self. It can be used to enhance the effects of meditation and afterward, Rutilated Quartz will integrate the states reached within meditation to daily living. It is a powerful tool to expand one's view of life.  

A side note about Rainbow Rutilated Quartz. In addition to the properties of Rutilated Quartz, Rainbow Rutilated Quartz is a multi-body and systems energizer. It brings light into all the bodies and dissolves blockages within. Great tool for clearing issues that lead to depression.