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Ruby Gem Healing Ring

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11.2ct @ $25.00/ct

Ring is shown next to a US dime coin which is 18mm.
You will receive the ring pictured.

These gems are heated without any vibration change to the gem. This means that no "distortions" of the color ray occurs and you still reap the full benefits of the mission of the gem. This is the method in which Tanzanite, for instance, is heated with - which mimics the process gems go through within the earth.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE: This process is often not even considered "heated" and many  companies in the market are selling this material under "Natural".  This  process is often  undetectable by examination and testing - so companies simply refer to the material as natural.  We chose to distinguish our simple heated - to make you aware that you are purchasing something which has been heated in a way which replicates the earth's natural process not  following the lead of many companies who chose not to disclose this information - simply calling their offerings natural.

The Guardian of Ruby explains...
Ruby gives one strength and courage in times of need.  This is its natural tendency since it is the carrier of the first, the Red Ray (leadership, power, strength, and courage). There are many ways to utilize the traits of strength and courage (to be daring, to seek power, etc.) but Ruby cultivates these traits through the way of the heart. It gives one the strength and courage to be the true essence (self) within which can only be accomplished by living life through the heart.

Ruby has been and still is a symbol of love (unconditional). In wearing (or using) Ruby one is able to experience and enhance unconditional love not only within but without. Many on Planet Earth have a limited idea of love and it is often expressed in relationships. Manipulation is used to get what one wants
and often "love" is the playing piece. Ruby begins to restore the original intent of love - unconditional by clearing and cleaning the disharmonies.

On a physical level, Ruby has a great effect since much disease and illness are related to emotional origins. Ruby targets the heart, nourishing and strengthening its function. Ruby also fortifies the blood by clearing out toxins which in turn improves one's overall physical power. It can be used to regulate
blood pressure, as a preventative of heart disease and attacks or to hasten recovery of these.

Ruby is an ideal gem for those who are already or are considering being parents (caretakers). It is crucial for a child to be surrounded by a healthy (emotional) environment in order to avoid forming patterns that limit the being. If the parents (caretakers) constantly hold the state of unconditional love, the child is assured to be happy and healthy.

Ruby is not limited though to just parents. Anyone who maintains the state of unconditional love has an easier time navigating life. If everything is looked at through the eyes of love, no stress is created, no anxieties formed, no fears experienced.  It sounds idealistic but that is what was originally intended. The living of life was not to be of pain and suffering. It was created to give contrast to inspire one to stay in the heart. Unfortunately many haven't viewed it as a contrast and have taken it on as its own. Ruby will help to correct this misconception and open the way to a newer way of living while supplying the strength and courage to do so.