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Sapphire - Blue (Simple Heated/Natural) Gem Therapy Ring - Tools4transformation

Sapphire - Blue Gem Healing Ring

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5ct @ $40.00/ct

Ring is shown next to a US dime coin which is 18mm.
You will receive the ring pictured.

These gems are heated without any vibration change to the gem. This means that no "distortions" of the color ray occurs and you still reap the full benefits of the mission of the gem. This is the method in which Tanzanite, for instance, is heated with - which mimics the process gems go through within the earth.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE: This process is often not even considered "heated" and many  companies in the market are selling this material under "Natural".  This  process is often  undetectable by examination and testing - so companies simply refer to the material as natural.  We chose to distinguish our simple heated - to make you aware that you are purchasing something which has been heated in a way which replicates the earth's natural process not  following the lead of many companies who chose not to disclose this information - simply calling their offerings natural.

Blue Sapphire
The Guardian of Blue Sapphire explains...
Blue Sapphire is a gem specifically designed to improve the function of and nourish the mental aspect. The mental aspect is where thoughts originate and the key to inner peace is to empty the mind. Blue Sapphire organizes the thoughts to make the project of emptying the mind easier. One's true essence is
the deciding factor of which thoughts to keep and which to let go. Depending on the selection life reflects the thoughts. That is why an empty mind is the desired state. An empty mind is an open mind based in the moment and each moment has no limitations.

Blue Sapphire restores clarity to the mind while removing disruptive energies. The strongest and most common disruptive energy is negativity. Negativity feeds and breeds more negativity and creates a downward cycle that attracts more of it. Blue Sapphire eliminates this disruptive energy-enhancing one's clarity and initiating positivity.

Blue Sapphire relieves stress. Stress is caused by choosing to follow certain thoughts about situations. Blue Sapphire's clarity assists in choosing only the thoughts needed to deal with the situation removing the unnecessary - eliminating stress. Blue Sapphire really is a crucial gem for the modern world.

The demands placed on one in the business place to the home front fuel a constant stream of thoughts that require attention and negativity is waiting around every corner. Blue Sapphire allows one to rise above in clarity and positivity to master the modern world. Blue Sapphire also expands the mind. Its energies provide nutrients for the physical brain which facilitates its nourishment and enhances its functions. Fast recall, memory, concentration, and clear communication are all increased and a smooth flow is experienced.  

The mental aspect has little to no limit in how much it can be expanded since the capabilities housed within the brain are barely used. Blue Sapphire, therefore, is a gem that can be used for a lifetime and one will still see its numerous benefits.