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Sapphire - Purple (Lavender) Gem Healing Ring

Sapphire - Purple (Lavender) Gem Healing Ring

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Ring is shown next to a US quarter coin which is 24mm.
You will receive the ring pictured.


Purple Sapphires get their color from the element Vanaduim
and can range in color hue from Lavender to a Reddish or Violet Purple.

Besides the benefits of Purple Sapphire listed below
the Lavender beads offer the following benefits...
-stronger spiritual connection
-illusion cutting
-high level harmonization

Purple Sapphire Properties 
The Guardian of Purple Sapphire explains...
Purple Sapphire is a gem that can be used to heighten spirituality. In general, spirituality is an understanding that one is more than just the body and that the spirit within us can be nourished, expanded and activated from frequencies/ vibrations/ colors outside of the being.
The typical entrance for these energies tends to be the crown chakra.
Purple Sapphire opens this chakra (or increases the openness of it) to fully receive the enhancing energies available. There are energy centers within the body that already exists that when expanded or activated can heighten one's awareness and increased sensitivity. These include the pineal (connected to the crown chakra) and the pituitary (connected to the 3rd eye) glands. Purple Sapphire's energies naturally nourish these glands and expand their current capacity and activate further growth and functioning. 
This, in turn, increases one's sense of being, heightens intuition and can improve inner hearing and seeing.
Purple Sapphire also affects the nervous system especially the brain.
Its energies 
saturate it and because of the vibration, the gem contains, activations occur. This is experienced by most as better brain functioning. Thought processes are smooth, senses raised and one's whole perception takes on a new fullness since more inputs are able to be processed and understood. As Purple Sapphire's energies flow throughout the nervous system, it enhances the capability of the entire body to experience higher frequencies/vibrations, not just limiting them to the brain area. This is important to maintain an energetic balance throughout the whole body/mind system.
In meditation, Purple Sapphire easily connects one to the vastness of the universe. It supports the spiritual concept that one is more than the body and directly assists in experiencing it firsthand.
What is commonly referred to as astral travel is easily done using this gem and one can consciously direct the experience based on intent.
Purple Sapphire is a high-frequency gem and for most strong effects can be experienced through a small amount of the gem or simply as a Liquid Gem.