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Sapphire - Yellow Gem Healing Ring

Sapphire - Yellow Gem Healing Ring

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Ring is shown next to a US quarter coin which is 24mm.
You will receive the ring pictured.

These gems are heated without any vibration change to the gem. This means that no "distortions" of the color ray occurs and you still reap the full benefits of the mission of the gem. This is the method in which Tanzanite, for instance, is heated with - which mimics the process gems go through within the earth.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE: This process is often not even considered "heated" and many  companies in the market are selling this material under "Natural".  This  process is often  undetectable by examination and testing - so companies simply refer to the material as natural.  We chose to distinguish our simple heated - to make you aware that you are purchasing something which has been heated in a way which replicates the earth's natural process not  following the lead of many companies who chose not to disclose this information - simply calling their offerings natural.

The Guardian of Yellow Sapphire explains...
Yellow Sapphire, due to its high frequency, directly connects to higher frequencies of light and brings it more into one's bodies/systems.
It is the carrier of the third Yellow Ray (whose mission is active intelligence, higher spirituality, philosophy). This higher frequency of light is highly transformative in nature and instantly raises one's vibration. As the vibration is raised, lower vibrations make their way out of one's bodies and systems, allowing for the higher vibration to be sustained.
This gem could best be described as a "body cleanse" just as there are "liver cleanses" and "colon cleanses". Its light runs throughout the body, flushing away debris and toxins and allowing one to function at a higher level of being. As a result of this flushing, one experiences a new sense of freedom in being.
Yellow Sapphire forms a protective light field around one's being which assists in protecting one from environmental elements (from thought patterns to EMF). This protective light field also enhances one's own skin and assists in optimizing the function of it. This gem would be good for those sensitive to the sun.
With Yellow Sapphire, one will often feel the cleansing of the lower vibrations.
The effects can be seen in the organs relating to elimination (such as the stomach and intestines) and detoxification (such as the liver & spleen). This gem supports the functions of these organs and partners with them to accomplish its goal of integrating more light into one's system. Yellow Sapphire also targets the glandular system (endocrine system) and enhances the functioning of the pineal and pituitary glands in particular. This additional light in one's pineal and pituitary activates and nourishes them.
Through this one can experience heightened states and expanded consciousness.
The third eye is expanded along with the crown allowing for a deeper and more profound experience. 
Even though Yellow Sapphire offers many physical benefits it is actually more of a spiritual gem. The physical effects are simply side effects or signs of a foundation being laid.
Yellow Sapphire opens one to another dimension beyond the Earth. It also is a means to continue bringing more of the higher light frequency to this plane of being and instigate powerful change and transformation. With the influx of higher light frequencies comes a clearer view of one's true being (self). When one is functioning as one's true Self, then there is less doing and more being. This allows for a sense of natural peace and harmony to flow and can lead the Earth plane to exist in a heightened state.