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Scapolite - Violet Purple Gem Healing Ring

Scapolite - Violet Purple Gem Healing Ring

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Extraordinary plus 
6x7.5mm- 8x11mm 

Ring is shown next to a US quarter coin which is 24mm.
You will receive the ring pictured.

The Guardian of Violet Purple Scapolite explains...
Violet Purple Scapolite is a high-frequency gem that tends to choose the wearer/user then it being chosen. It requires a certain frequency and vibration to work with and therefore chooses its own interactions with certain people for the highest benefit affecting planetary and humanity focus.
Scapolite is rare in itself and then is most commonly found in yellow. The purple color is now being found as a potent tool to aid those with distinct global purpose or who are key players in the evolutionary and transformational times we are in. For the highest benefit and unfoldment, it should be used with awareness and care.
Violet Purple Scapolite initiates a mental balance. It rids the mind of unnecessary or hindering thoughts and worries, creating a focus on the aspects that serve to move forward. It raises the mental to a higher vibration and focus aligned with one's true essence/Divinity/power. This raising of the vibration helps to rise above and overcome challenges or issues - aligning one's mental with what can be done or what action can be taken rather than focusing only on the issue/challenge.
It creates a problem-solving state, allowing to view problems/challenges from a perspective of seeking a solution to initiate a change for the better.
Violet Purple Scapolite clears sabotaging thoughts, patterns, and programs.
These sabotaging energies can be carried from past lives, coming in or even targeted at oneself from the outer or self-created. Violet Purple Scapolite simply deletes the vibration of self-sabotaging along with self-blame to free one of the hold and limitations of this energy. It also removes programs of alienation and rejection on all levels serving as a deep cleanser of limiting patterns and programs dealing with universal themes.
Violet Purple Scapolite restores a sense of universal belonging, being part of the bigger plan and increases one's awareness of the role chosen which strengthens and amplifies the support felt.
Violet Purple Scapolite provides psychic protection and increases one's psychic awareness and gifts.
It is a healer of anxiety, shattered nerves, paranoid tendencies, and panic attacks.
It opens and heals veins and arteries specifically in the area of the head. Its vibration helps down to the cellular level working as an antioxidant - restoring and renewing.
Overall it can help one to renew their outlook, be uplifted and start to see/feel joy in their life.