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Selenite Spinal Mat
Selenite Spinal Mat
Selenite Spinal Mat
Selenite Spinal Mat

Selenite Spinal Mat

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Selenite Spinal Mat / Long Band

Selenite is known for it's balancing and aligning properties for the skeletal system & chakra column - so it is a natural choice for this tool.  With continued use posture can be improved, energetic blocks removed along with improvement of skin, nails and hair.

It is only in recent years that beads have been made out of Selenite due to its fragile nature.  I hesitated to create a mat out of round beads as are still sensitive to handling.  Then I explored other shapes and came up with the "barrel" shape which provides a sturdy form and mimics the natural formation of Selenite itself supporting its healing frequencies.

spinal mat / long band dimensions
37inch long x 1.25 inch wide

Made of Therapeutic Selenite Barrel Beads
12mm long x 10mm wide

Paired with Therapeutic Frosted Quartz 10mm Beads
at segment "joints"

 Some General Info
These Therapeutic Mats were originally created  as a spinal treatment but have evolved into a powerful short time application tool used on various parts of the body.

Not only can the mat be placed along the spine, it can be folded in half and placed on lower back, draped over the shoulders, set over the head, placed under the feet, wrapped around a specific body part - like elbow, knee, etc., held during meditation  or placed in the bath tub while filling.

It is recommended to use for a time frame of 15-45 minutes starting out slow and building up to longer time amounts.
The mats are a strong amount of input so use your guidance.

Some other benefits of Selenite
 - allows one to feel calmer and experience peace
-balance and stabilizes emotions and body
- gives protection from negativity and psychic attacks
- increases positive thoughts and thinking
- takes away confusion and promotes greater clarity
- attracts purity on all levels
 - helps to radiate universal love
 - increases ability to forgive and experience forgiveness
- allows insight into past and future lives
 - creates bridge to higher realms including angelic, etc.
- embraces Divine feminine energy
- awakens abilities and talents
- amplifies meditation experience
-facilitates higher consciousness
-promotes flexibility on all levels
-promotes improved kidney function and heals
- helps against insomnia

This mat can be used intuitively, placing were balance and harmony
needs to be restored - keeping in  mind the above listed benefits to guide you.

More about Selenite -The Guardian of Selenite explains...
 The key to Selenite's power is its needle-like crystal formation. This formation works to not only store info but receives it. It is a gem that is constantly being updated with information as it easily accesses beyond this plane. Because of the unique formation, Selenite has a strong impact on the human body especially its structure. (A physical piece of this gem is best to use for realignment of the spine.)

This gem can be used to remove energetic blocks from the spine and chakra column. Selenite also benefits the cell membranes which improves the appearance of skin, hair, and nails, strengthens the lining of the organs and improves mobility and flexibility to the muscles. It restores smoothness and suppleness throughout, easing movement and increasing functionality.

Selenite also has a purifying effect on the body. It works as an antenna for higher frequencies/vibrations/colors which cleanse the body's systems, removing toxins and debris. Selenite forges the connection to the inner self through a few avenues.

On a basic level, Selenite can be used for dream work. It improves one's recall and enhances the visions for a better understanding. 
On a more advanced level, Selenite is a "veil lifter" cutting the fabric of the Earthly 
illusion and with conscious intent, it can be used to remove the boundaries of time for insights into one's life from the past or future. In this way, it greatly expands the consciousness through the various perspectives and increases one's flexibility in thinking. 
Selenite is a great tool to better understand one's multi-dimensionality and integrate that understanding into daily life.