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Tektite Gem Therapy Ring - Tools4transformation

Tektite Gem Healing Ring

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Extraordinary plus plus & beyond
10.7ct @ $5.50/ct

Ring is shown next to a US dime coin which is 18mm.
You will receive the ring pictured.

The Guardian of Tektite explains...
Tektite is a powerful gem coming from beyond "down" to Planet Earth. Those that are "called" to wear (or use) this gem are ready to receive the high-frequency benefits for health and well-being.

Tektite was sent as a tool for activation and nourishment. Its mind-expanding effects open one to the possibilities within the Universe. Wonderment and awe take over, replacing fears and distrust of the unknown. Calmness is experienced as waves of understanding are released within the body.

On the physical level, Tektite offers a strong grounding effect in balance with the high frequencies. It also offers a strengthening to the immune system and can be used as a preventative of colds, flu, etc. Its power is strong enough that it can be used for more serious illnesses such as cancer and aids.
Its potential for healing hasn't been fully understood yet. It's important to note that even though this gem may not be understood, the benefits for health and healing are tremendous and should not be overlooked.

Tektite not only opens the doors to exploration in regards to health issues but to one's entire existence. Energetic channels are established between the gem and where it came from and through these channels there is much to be learned. As vast as the Earth appears at times the Universe is then beyond the description of size.

Tektite brings the Universe to the wearer (or user) inviting one to discover. This greatly expands one's view of the world and a new perspective is birthed. All of life becomes a discovery and a commonality is experienced in every life form. Soon one realizes that the common thread held by all is love (unconditional) and the heart takes a new role in one's life.
Tektite reinstates a living through the heart on a Universal level.