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Collection: Opal - Andean Blue Therapeutic Necklaces

(also referred to as Peruvian Blue Opal)

Some of the benefits of Andean Blue Opal
-removes anxiety, stress
-improves communication especially in relationships
-quiets the mind and thoughts
-good meditation enhancer
-restores harmony on all levels
-inspires creativity
-heals emotional trauma
-helps overcomes insomnia
-provides allergy relief
-assists with issues related to breathing and lungs
-strengthens immunity
-purifies blood

The Guardian of Andean Blue Opal explains...
The Andean Blue Opal is a feel good gem.  You can just look at it and it’s color starts to switch your mood and raise your spirit.  It easily transforms stress and quiets the mind putting one in a tranquil state.

     The Andean Blue Opal tends to gravitate towards the heart chakra even though it is blue. (Blue gems tend to gravitate towards the throat and head.)  It’s vibration aids in strengthening the communication with and from the heart - making it easier to align one self with the Divine.  This alignment also instills and reinforces the idea of right action and have every action be for the highest good of all involved.

     The Andean Blue Opal can be used to heal the emotions and the emotional body.  It can help you discover undercover wounds and even those from lifetimes past - aiding in breaking continued emotional patterning.  It can help to overcome trauma and relieve grief.

     On the physical it can be used to reduce swelling and slow if not stop hair loss.  It balances the thymus and can provide a restful sleep.
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