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Collection: Pyrite Therapeutic Necklaces


Some of the benefits of Pyrite
- works directly with the solar plexus stabilizing power center
- instantly increases one's vitality
- provides a massive boost to one's willpower
- helps to overcome bad habits
- builds a strong foundation for new healthy patterns
- great help in overcoming anxiety
- aids one in facing their fears, as well as negative influences
- assists in balancing polarities and throughout the entire auric field
- promotes strong resolve and confidence
- removes heavy metals, grounding
- repairs/enhances DNA
- renews/reprograms cells & bones

Pyrite is one of the best gems for heavy metal removal
The safe removal of heavy metals is becoming one of the modern world's greatest health issues. Heavy metals surround us; chemtrails, vaccinations, air, water & food, pollution, living or working near a smelter or mine, dental fillings and of course, fluoridated water.Perhaps you are aware of things like geo-engineering and chemtrails and we won't go into much depth here because we focus on offering solutions through gems. We encourage you to do your own research on geo-engineering, weather modification and chemtrails to get savvy about this stuff because it will give better insight on the urgency of preserving your health.

The Guardian of Pyrite explains...

Pyrite emits a strong force and when worn (or used) creates a protective field around one's body/system. This field protects one from influences that would cause negativity within oneself, such as - negativity from others or even low amounts of EMF (electronic magnetic frequencies).

Pyrite has a natural affinity towards metals and can be used to assist in the removal of metal toxins from one's body. For example, many have had amalgam teeth fillings. These fillings, even though fixed within the teeth, continue to affect one due to the continuous bleeding/leaching into the body while in place. After replacing Amalgam fillings, Pyrite assists in removing the remaining debris.

Pyrite in itself has a strong presence (weight) when one holds it. This presence also conveys itself to one's body, bringing grounding. With the grounding, one can also experience strength within. This strength supports positive confidence and one's will is inspired to try new things.

Pyrite's effects expand as it is used longer. The presence of the gem expands and its multi-dimensionality makes itself known. It can assist one when exploring the subconscious or other deep-rooted issues. It can also be used to connect to those beyond oneself. Its natural tendency is to go within because of its strong presence (weight). Once the idea of "holding one down" shifts to its supporting the being, the freedom of exploration opens before one. Many can experience our interconnectedness to other dimensions/frequencies/ beings by using this gem. Pyrite accentuates our physical being through its grounding effects allowing one to fully experience the physicality and then use this as a doorway to the universe.

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