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Shungite Computer Strand
Shungite Computer Strand
Shungite Computer Strand
Shungite Computer Strand

Shungite Computer Strand

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Shungite Computer Strands

These strands are made with Therapeutic Shungite twist and roundel beads.
The strand is approximately 19.5inches long
Shungite is a natural EMF protector. It neutralizes the impact of electromagnetic radiation in all its forms.

Place strand between you and your computer or laptop.
Provides a field of shielding energy against the emf emitted from your computer or laptop.

It is also recommend to cleanse the strand - placing on a purple plate - every 1-2 days depending on length of time computer or laptop is being used.

Purple plates can be found HERE

This strand can also be used to create structured water, used as a placement on the body for deeper healing, laid on car dash to protect from EMF frequencies within your car and so on. Below is more info on Shungite and its healing properties to inspire you for even more additional uses of this strand.

Our Shungite is genuine and comes from the Zazhoginsky Mine located in the Republic of Karelia Russia near Shunga village where it gets its name. Even though this gem is ancient - knowledge of it has only come to the forefront recently. The timing of the attention of its existence is an important point as it is truly a gift - a sign of support - for everyone to experience a higher level of health and well being. Much research and scientific studies of its applications have been done and are still in the process. The info that follows is simplified for practical applications and as a tool for transformation. This gem originates from primordial times.

The Guardian of Shungite explains...
 It has high carbon content and resonates strongly with us since our bodies are carbon-based. One only has to touch this gem and a connection is felt. Humanity is making the transition from carbon-based bodies to crystalline bodies and Shungite supports this transition. It acts as a reset button for our bodies and systems - restoring them to a pristine state making our transition easier on all levels. Our evolution as spiritual beings dwelling in a physical body is fully supported and Shungite is a tangible tool for our actualization.

Shungite is best known as a tool for the physical. It offers prevention and treatment from all diseases and illnesses. It does this by stimulating our own immune system’s defenses and reducing toxicity levels. It’s healing power penetrates to the cellular level removing abnormalities and restoring optimal functioning. It leaves no room for any disharmonies within the physical to exist - creating an atmosphere of good health and well being.

Some of the physical benefits include: 
Speeds up healing of wounds Anti-inflammatory Helps reduce hi blood pressure Can be used to treat diabetes Osteoarthritis and joint pain relief Antiviral and antibacterial Is an anti-cancer agent The list could continue to include more specifics but it goes back to the key sentence - Shungite offers prevention and treatment of all diseases and illnesses. It is a powerful healing force that constantly corrects the harmful influences of all kinds. Shungite does not support anything that is not of benefit for us and this extends beyond the physical aspect.

On the mental aspect, it aids in removing thought patterns and forms that hinder us. This includes negativity, judgment, and addictions of all sorts. (Addictions are not limited to substances, drink, and food. We can also be addicted to gadgets, games, drama, altered self-images, etc.)

Shungite also aids the emotional aspect to heal old wounds, overcome experiences of strong emotional impact, grief and denied emotional issues. It also aids in healing the energetic emotional field of rips and tears - restoring and fortifying the field to its original state.

Shungite has a powerful effect on the first chakra. The first chakra is looked upon as the gateway or access point to life force energy. Many have issues here which can be varied in their manifestations. Shungite heals, activates and expands the first chakra enabling life force energy to freely flow and be utilized within all the bodies and systems. Shungite’s powerful influence on the first chakra assists all the chakras - enhancing these gateways and encouraging energetic exchanges of all types as the chakras were designed to do. It helps to align and balance all the chakras with one another for a unified force of cohesive personal power. Through this spiritual pathways can be opened and accessed. Shungite lays the groundwork for preparing the bodies and systems for further expansion including light body activation, initiations, and etheric chakra work.

Whatever dimensional work you choose to explore Shungite provides protection during your travels including psychic protection and entity repulsion. This is especially good for healers of all types as it allows them to stay anchored yet energized while working on clients, family, friends or the earth.

Shungite is also a natural EMF protector. It neutralizes the impact of electromagnetic radiation in all its forms. It is an excellent gem to use during travel as it wards off fatigue and stabilizes the systems. It is particularly helpful on airplanes to combat the energetic disturbances caused by the pressurization. Each gem has it’s unique gifts for us and Shungite is no different. 
It will individualize the healing for you and bring untold benefits with consistent use.