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Collection: Jade - Snow Therapeutic Necklaces


The Guardian of Snow Jade explains...

Snow Jade is a gem bringing one to one's center. It invites the higher form of self to manifest on this plane and with continued use will assist in integrating this higher self into daily life.     

Snow Jade is simply pure containing no-thing. This trait is conveyed to the wearer (or user) and the mind is stilled, one's breath is eased and the emotions calmed.  One is raised to a different vibration - detached and yet able to "play" in the game called life.     

Some of the effects felt from wearing (or using) Snow Jade are: relieving of stress, compassion, clarity of mind, inner peace, tolerance, open-mindedness, and patience. 

It is an ideal gem to wear (or use) to enhance any interactions with others be it for work, personal relationships or parenting. The increased focus on the present expands and enriches one's life. It is also a great support and enhancement for such activities as meditation, yoga, chi gong, tai chi, etc.      
Snow Jade will bring one to the state of living in the present moment and one will come to know a fuller, richer life.

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    Snow Jade EO+ 8+mm 25.5inch - Tools4transformation
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