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Collection: Bath Blends

Vibrational Essences for your bath
partnered with Therapeutic Essential Oils
made with Therapeutic Liquid Gems (Gemstone Essences)

Soaps and shampoos can have strong effects on our health and well-being depending on what they are made of. There are many products available as alternatives but choices for bath time is limited.

Bath products - from foaming baths, to bubble baths and the latest craze bath "bombs" - all have additives which are detrimental to our health.With this in mind we have crafted our Bath Blends, taking the art of a bath to a whole new level - turning it into a time of a personal gemstone treatment.

We have selected gems with the help of the Gemstone Guardians which will help with a specific target. Each gem combo is added to a base of activated water and liquid gems that are high in benefits for the skin and hair - Moonstones (peach & white) & Selenite.

Simply add one to two droppers to your bath water for an unique experience- turning your bath time into a healing time too.

Each bottle is available in
----unscented allowing you the freedom to add your own essential oil
or to just enjoy the gemstone vibrations - scent free
--- with a single scent selected with the target outcome in mind
---or with a combination of scents selected with the target in mind

All therapeutic essential oils were selected for their medicinal purpose and to inspire a positive emotional state, enhance physical wellness and create a deeper spiritual awareness.

You can also combine the different blends for an even stronger overall impact.

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