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Collection: Fluorite Green Therapeutic Necklaces

Solid colored Fluorite beads are extremely difficult to find.  Often many colors will be visible and this is undesirable for therapeutic benefits.  The Green Fluorite strands we have available are all made with pure Green Fluorite providing potent and fast unfolding of the benefits.

Some of the benefits of Green Fluorite
- Green Fluorite is very cleansing and stimulates renewal
- It removes negative energy and blockages while being a strong auric cleanser
-Green Fluorite works strongly on the breathing system - opening the lung passages and expanding the breath intake
-It helps to overcome allergies providing a natural remedy
-Green Fluorite removes emotional trauma and outworn conditionings/patterns/programs
-It frees - allowing one to be more fully present and authentic
-Green Fluorite initiates cellular rejuvenation and healing
-It gives the body and systems a fresh start
-Green Fluorite dissipates symptoms of colds, flu, sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia and viruses.

The Guardian of Green Fluorite explains...
 Green Fluorite is a high-frequency gem carrying cleansing energy to facilitate healing. It uplifts overall and through its cleansing, one feels fresh and alert. Green Fluorite establishes a connection to higher frequencies raising one's vibration. The clearness gained widens the eyes to a higher perspective.
Green Fluorite brings things more in order within the emotional and mental aspects and life "makes sense" once again. If used consciously (through meditation) one can clear emotional and mental patterns to maintain the freshness for the long term.
On the physical level green Fluorite profoundly affects the respiratory system. Its energies saturate the nasal passages, throat, air pipe and lungs. It restores balance and cleanses the body's own filtration system (of dust, debris, etc.). The respiratory system is a key function within the physical system and the purer the intake of breath the more life force is available.
Green Fluorite is the natural choice for allergy-related issues and for difficulties caused by smoking. It can also be used in the treatment of stronger illnesses such as lung disease and cancer due to its stronger cleansing traits.
Once the respiratory system has been addressed, green Fluorite spreads soothing energy throughout the physical calming the inner workings. It continues to cleanse any dis-harmonies away to restore the natural functioning of the being.
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  • Fluorite - Green EO++ Oval 25.5inch
    Fluorite - Green EO++ Oval 25.5inch
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