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Collection: Scolecite Therapeutic Necklaces

Scolecite is rarely found in beads because it is brittle and can break/chip more easily.  this shape allows one to wear with more ease and experience greater durability.

 Scolecite is generally found as an opaque gem.The necklaces we are offering all have at least translucency leading to transparency.  The higher the grading the more light comes through the gem.

Some users of Scolecite have shared profound experiences.
Great for menopause, weight loss, expansion,
getting things done, uplifting and on & on.

Scolecite helps to enhance any other necklace you are wearing.
Just as quartz amplifies another gem - Scolecite enhances the vibrations most needed individually. It is as if it reads yours needs and then gives extra vibrational power to the gem in which you are using.

As an example, say you are using Emerald for physical healing.  
If you pair an Emerald necklace with a Scolecite necklace it would enhance the physical healing attributes for faster and more potent results.
Scolecite provides enhancement in tune with you and where you are -
rather than just giving amplification.

To put a picture to it -think of it as listening to music.  You may really like the effect the music is having and feel how it benefits you. Now to just turn it up at a higher volume will not enhance the effects you are experiencing. But working with an equalizer will bring about a fuller experience of the sound. In this picture - Quartz would be turning up the volume whereas Scolecite is using an equalizer.

The Guardian of Scolecite explains...
 Scolecite is a gem that allows mastery of the “game” on planet earth. It cuts through the illusions allowing one to see the programs and patterns working - providing insight into the “matrix” of life.     

Even though it is a high-frequency gem, it is not impersonal and filled with love.  It is warm and caring as if you have a true companion housed within the gem. That is due to its deep connection to Source energy which it is a conduit for - allowing one to experience being fully present and connected to the pure essence of the being.      
Let’s look closer at how this gem will unfold within the different aspects of being and in life. 

One the physical level it improves the overall function of the “vehicle”. It helps to fortify the immune system allowing for a consistent level of health. It improves circulation associated with different blood conditions. Keeps muscles smooth, lean and supple while supporting strength gain. And perhaps most importantly it helps the nervous system including improved brain functions and correcting mental imbalances.  
It can also be used to support a regulating of the metabolism which in turn helps with weight loss.     

On the mental, it brings clarity while reducing stress. It naturally promotes quick problem-solving skills and understanding as it expands the view to encompass the entire situation (a higher perspective).  It also helps to use the Oneness we all share in practical applications, breaking down barriers of interactions with others, shyness, and nervousness.     

On the emotional, it unveils the root causes of programs that create emotional reactions. It gives support through amplifying our own inner knowledge and opens the pathways to utilizing our own best friend and guide - ourselves - our inner essence.  It can aid in deep emotional healing even of long-standing emotional problems and imbalances.     

On a spiritual level, it is a gateway to new experiences of life. Since it is such a helpful tool for everyone - not just those spiritually inclined - it is a powerful tool for a better world. Each and every individual can experience a positive input from this gem as it allows easy access to the essence of life and being.     

Some other practical applications are: 
As a manifesting tool, it can help create or attract things you want in and of life.  As a harmonizing tool for groups of more than one - either in the workplace, special projects or for family. Great to use for events of all kinds to create space of common ground and sharing.   
As a meditation tool to deeply connect with the inner and gain insights to propel you along your path of awakening.   
As a channeling tool to help open your communication skills to receive higher guidance from increasing intuition to actively honing psychic skills.   
As a chakra tool, it balances and aligns chakras while opening the third eye and crown. It can even help with sleep challenges such as insomnia and is a great tool for dream work such as dream recall and nightmare prevention.  
Scolecite is an important gem tool for all as it promotes unconditionality and works unconditionally.

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