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Collection: Tourmaline - Multi Therapeutic Necklaces

Tourmalines come in a wide variety of exciting colors. In fact, tourmaline has one of the widest color ranges of any gem species, occurring in various shades of virtually every hue.

Multi Tourmaline offers a Natural EMF Protection
VERY basic explanation… Electronics emit positive ions which in essence is what is being measured when we look at emf frequency producers.  Tourmaline produces negative ions which neutralize the positive ions emitted from electronics hence creating a protection shield.

In general Tourmaline is excellent for
the nervous system,
fortifies the blood
and aids the lymphatic system

Here are some more specific shared experiences
of physical benefits from Tourmaline users...
Surgical scars quickly disappeared.
I recovered quickly after surgery.
I recovered from the aftereffects of an accident.
Bruises quickly disappeared quickly.
Pain and numbness in hands/feet/back have gone.
I no longer get cramp in my leg muscle.
I am less likely to catch a cold.
Tourmaline gives me more energy.
I am more energetic.
I no longer become anemic.
My body is kept warm after bathing.
Symptoms of autonomic dystonia have been alleviated.
Stress is alleviated and the mind is stable.
Symptoms of Meniere's syndrome have gone.
I have less menstrual pain.
Migraine headache has gone.
Blood pressures returned to normal levels.
I no longer have itchy eyes caused by pollen.
I no longer have hemorrhoids.
Athlete's foot has cleared up.
Insect bites were cured.  

Additional benefits shared...
Sleep well
Less tired/reduces fatigue
Improved blood circulation
Reduced shoulder/neck stiffness
Reduced/removed knee/joint pain

Highlights of benefits on other aspects

creative resolutions
removes stress
greater acceptance
higher tolerance
more open minded
aids in facing all fears

amplifies unconditional love
encourages understanding of others
expands capacity for intimacy
stimulates happiness & joy
releases anger & unworthiness
heals emotional wounds
enhances self love & self care
self esteem builder

enhances energy
removes blockages
cleans auric field
brings one into authentic power
expands perspective
brings self understanding
leads to enlightenment

The Guardian of Tourmaline explains...
Multi-colored Tourmaline offers an unique opportunity for healing. Unlike bi-colored Tourmaline (whose colors tend to cancel one another out) Multi colored Tourmaline draws in a variety of colors still allowing the wearer/user to fully benefit from it.

Tourmaline in general draws energy to be utilized by the physical creating strong effects within the body's aspects or bodies and systems. Multi Colored Tourmaline creates a color wash for the energy centers - nourishing and supporting one another as they go with no cancelling out or overpowering.

Tourmaline naturally gravitates towards the organs and glands restoring the body's own natural balance. Once the physical has regained it's balance it moves onto the higher levels - emotional, mental & spiritual - and rotates as needed.

The individual color descriptions for Tourmaline also apply to this unique multi combo. To read all the different color descriptions of tourmaline visit HERE.

It is believed that tourmalines' beneficial effects on health are due to:
Negative ion generation
Surface electric charge generation
Thermal effects

Another fun fact...
Medical expenses of tourmaline miners were significantly lower than those of other miners in Brazil, so they started to assume that tourmaline might be good for health. Positive effects on pets and plants are seen too.

Create Drinking water...
Structured water is a whole new field of exploration for achieving higher level of health Using tourmaline in the water shifts taste showing the positive effect on drinking water not to mention the numerous health benefits.

Using your multi tourmaline strand for creating drinking water...
Make sure necklace has been thoroughly cleaned/cleansed.
We recommend placing on purple positive energy plate overnight
Allow necklace to sit in water - leaving the gold lock out - for 1-2 hours or as you are guided.

The following strands contain the wide range of colors giving them a potent input of tourmaline energy for a full spectrum color healing along with a new sense of well being found only from tourmaline.
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