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Collection: Calcite - White (Clear) Therapeutic Necklaces


We are really happy to be able to offer this gem in necklaces for the first time ever. White Calcite is a calcium carbonate. It is a beautiful high vibe milky white stone, which in therapeutic qualities is translucent, with some bands and sometimes contains rainbows.

 Some of the benefits of White (Clear) Calcite...
 White Calcite is a gem which through it's high vibration inspires hope for the future, bringing fresh energy to new beginnings with true solutions without the hold of fear.

-strengthens the immune system
-highly cleansing and detoxifying bringing about greater levels of health
-helps to dissolve pain
-aids the bones and joints to allow for a stronger physical foundation
-brings gentle healing to the eyes for all types of eye issues
-slightly antiseptic quality to it which helps to be a preventative "medicine"
-brings motivation and optimism
-allows for greater clarity in all of life's situations
-great support in decision making and expanded creative thinking
-helps to overcome laziness and end procrastination
-connects your intellect to your emotions for a balanced perspective
-expands capacity to forgive yourself and others
-releases resentment
-useful in healing the past and past life influences
-removes self-limiting beliefs and programs
-gives greater insight into what is hindering you from moving forward
-brings higher awareness and consciousness
-increases psychic abilities
-accelerates your spiritual growth and development
-helps to move through processes with greater ease and grace
-increases one's vibratory rate
-clears and cleans all energy fields and subtle bodies
-connects to the soul level for information, healing and remembering
-increases channeling abilities
-facilitates out of body experiences
-highly connective and aligning to all the chakras
-stimulates third eye for greater perception and intuition
-opens & heals crown chakra for reaching more expanded states of being

The Guardian of White Calcite explains...
    White Calcite is a gem which helps to stimulate spiritual growth. It has the wonderful trait of increasing one’s awareness of oneself and the world around.  It is through awareness that we can gain greater understanding both within and without to really have a full experience of life.

                White Calcite tends to gravitate to the crown chakra drawing in energy from the higher to benefit the user.  Through this it brings an amplification of energy to the being - increasing the light quotient and raising the frequency.  It helps to improve personal flow on all levels, bodies, systems and meridians.

White Calcite also regulates the energy field. The benefit of this is that the energy one has can be evenly distributed that one is less easily depleted in one area or another maintaining an even flow throughout. It can be a great tool to shift negative energy to the positive bringing upliftment.

          White Calcite has a very positive effect on the eyes.  With time it can even improve eyesight.  It also helps to cultivate psychic seeing and visions.  It reduces tension and can be used to help relieve migraines.
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