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Collection: Dark Green Aventurine Therapeutic Necklaces


The Guardian of Dark Green Aventurine explains...

Green Aventurine is a gem that focuses on the healing of the physical body first. The physical body is simply a vehicle for the true essence contained within. Often times it is the vehicle that draws our focus and awareness disrupting the connection to the inner.

Green Aventurine's energies help to bring the physical back into order so one's connection with the inner is more easily maintained. Green Aventurine's energies target the organs. Each organ has its level of optimal health and functionality and Green Aventurine is able to read this. It then focuses on the organ which is most out of alignment to restore its optimal functioning. Then it goes to the next lowest frequency organ to restore that one and so on.

Green Aventurine raises the frequency of the organs to raise one's overall physical aspect to correspond with the other aspects. This is an important point as the Earth and humanity are undergoing a push to change/increase their vibratory rates and Green Aventurine is a great tool to do this on the physical level. Green Aventurine is found in varying degrees of green. Basically the stronger the green the deeper the effects are. It should be kept in mind that stronger isn't always better and one should take the time to tune into one's current state to see which green is the best suiting.

Green Aventurine in its deeper shades initiates a detoxifying of the lower frequencies/vibrations. Depending on one's individual amount of these frequencies/vibrations the detox can be mild to intense. Green Aventurine can be used to assist in clearing out the non-natural elements one has taken in. For example, it helps to remove metal vibrations from amalgam and heal from metal poisoning, it removes chemical influences taken in from vitamin pills, medicines and even food additives and it helps to hasten one's natural recovery from food poisoning.

Green Aventurine is not just a gem for those who are ill. It is an important transformational tool for the physical. Many work to "deal with" their emotional, clear the mind and add spiritual influences to their life. Often the physical is overlooked and little or no thought is given to raising its overall vibration. Exercise and whole foods are of a great benefit naturally but Green Aventurine (especially the darker shades) can take it even further. The entire physical vehicle can change its frequency/vibration that it takes on a new form. This new form better supports the emerging being of the "new age" and can open the door for further expansion on other levels.

Virendra explains...
Darker green Aventurine targets the part of the organ of the body which is most distressed. When the energies in that area become more harmonious, it “looks” for the next disharmony and works on that part to raise that area’s vibrations. Aventurine works as long as there are disharmonies within the bodies. That means, it never stops working as long as the body exists. There is always something to improve.

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