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a three month liquid treatment to bring you back to your authentic self
a great way to augment you meditation time to optimize the full potential

Designed to bring one back to the original way of living here on earth as given in the first design. That means ideas about oneself are being released and seen as what they are - interpretations of a mental view based on should's, would's and could's. Coming back to the all underlying self and the original role which is being played by "ITSELF".

Ego, which is based on acting as an actor on top of the real one, is dissolving as much as the ideas are dissolving. Fears as another result of wanting to have control over one act is vanishing as all other attributes which do not serve the original role. The state of living again in the utter flow of life, not interfering with the spontaneity of the act and being in the present moment has been called Enlightenment. This is nothing more then our birthright which was given away by interfering into the flow and by creating the fiction of an ego or personality. Becoming aware of the changes shows that the way back inward has taking its move. Peace and clarity comes back out because the super imposed thought and energies are being released.

How it works...
The I AM divine healing liquid comes in a set of 5 bottles.
The first bottle which carries a cap instead of a dropper is to be taking in one go. This will boost your systems with a flow of energy to open the channels for the transformation.

The liquids in the 4 dropper bottles are taken 7 drops at a time - minimum 3 x a day.
Sit after every intake for a few minutes so that the awareness about what is happening might come faster.

It is recommended that at least once a day one "should" sit down for at least 20 min. The one time sitting a day is part of this 3 month treatment and that time must be taken.
If you can not make time to sit once a day then there is no real desire to remove the obstacles blocking the view towards the true self.

Once the original role is back in consciousness it does not need to be remembered.Life will take its course again, moment by moment, using the brain for what it was designed - the daily tasks in life.

You will receive 5 1oz. bottles to follow the protocol recommended.