ॐ All our offerings are therapeutic & genuine - lovingly hand made or selected - just for you ॐ

Therapeutic Necklace Info

Our Therapeutic Gemstone Necklaces
are designed for holistic / multi-dimensional healing & transformation
V has a deep understanding of the working of the gems and uses this to create healing "tools". It is part of his design to use the gems to offer assistance to those on planet earth who wish to transform. His knowledge of the working of the gems lies in his heart and intuitively he creates his necklaces with the highest energetic outcome.
There are many approaches to using the gemstones but what is unique about Virendra is his genuine love of the gems which they in turn respond to and benefit the wearers of his creations.
- from the Gemstone Guardian of Amethyst
Virendra sits with every necklace to insure it's therapeutic value.
All our necklaces are 100% free of all chemical treatments-
no dye, no irradiation, no chemical manipulation.