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 Pink Spinel is a stunningly beautiful and extremely rare gemstone that people barely know of.  The stone was recently discovered as a stone in its own right after decades of confusion with Pink Sapphires and Rubies.

Usually cleaner and brighter than Sapphire, Spinel is actually rarer, yet surprisingly more affordable. Pink Spinel will cost much less than a similar quality Pink Sapphire.

Our Pink Spinel necklace offerings are  a deeper pink  - all from Mahenge in Tanzania’s Morogoro Region, an acclaimed deposit for this rare, natural gemstone.

Chromium causes some Pink Spinels to show very strong fluoresce under long wave ultraviolet light. Pink Spinels that showed the greatest fluorescence are from Burma and Tanzania. To show the fluoresence of our necklaces we have included an additional picture under a UV light.

Pink Spinel (naturally) fades with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Some of the benefit highlights of Pink Spinel

restores overall health
fortifies the immune system
promotes being active
helps with chronic fatigue
increases endurance
increases sexual organ health
helps with menopause, perimenopause
eases experience of moon time
aids infertility issues
regulates metabolic functions

overcomes negative competitive nature
balances an active mind
loosens sense of doing things because of duty
allows for feminine aspect to be expressed
increases intellect
harmonizes work experience
increases heart based thinking
removes conforming patterns/programs
amplifies positivity
stimulates motivation
removes stress
promotes creativity
cultivates gratitude
less resistant (to change)

restores joy
balances emotions
heals traumas
heals relationships
attracts deeper relationships
forges stronger bonds
cleans the emotional body
removes hindering emotions
increases confidence
removes fear, anxiety
unveils authentic self
amplifies self love
overcomes depression

cultivates full acceptance of self
promotes inner child healing
amplifies compassion
creates stronger soul connection
amplifies heart connection
love quotient builder
encourages kindness

The Guardian of Pink Spinel explains...
Pink Spinel is a gem which is infused with a strong love vibration.  This vibration is extremely powerful for healing on all levels bringing a great sense of well being.  Even though it may start in the emotions and emotional field it has benefits for all aspects restoring one to their authentic self and way of being.

Pink Spinel helps to bring forth the feminine nature to its full potential and its purest form, removing hindrances and thought patterns which may disrupt its expression.  This is an important tool for the women today as many have altered their very own nature to conform to the environment.  Without embracing one's true feminine nature a merging with the higher self will never occur.  One must allow the love vibration (feminity) to permeate all actions exposing softness and vulnerability but not compromising power.  Pink Spinel helps to recapture the feminine spirit regardless of age.

Pink Spinel can also be a powerful tool for men to get in touch with their feminine side - allowing for a greater balance and harmony with their yin and yang aspects.  Men often overlook healing and getting in touch with this side of themselves but those that take the time to do this will find that they are much happier, content and fulfilled in all they do.

     The energies of Pink Spinel work wonders on the emotional aspect and healing any issues and challenges.  It restores flexibility of one's emotional fabric making it easy to fully express oneself, especially the feminine aspect. It loosens the hardened misconceptions of how one needs to be in the world, allowing a new joy to come forth and shine.  Pink Spinel is especially good for those who are healing emotional upsets, traumas, overcoming grief, depression and can be a powerful partner when working with the concept of the inner child.  It amplifies self love and self care.

Pink Spinel restores friendships and heals relationships of all types. Pink Spinel can be used to resolve issues with any interactions be it in the workplace or family life.  It provides a solid foundation to work from for stronger and authentic expression, connecting and listening to happen fortifying lasting relationships of all types.

Pink Spinel helps to merge the mental aspect with the heart allowing for a heart based approach to life unfold.  It removes the sense of competition or needing to be right as it unveils the connection and oneness we share with everyone.  It brings peace and positivity to life along with a deeper sense of gratitude for life itself.  Pink Spinel also forges a strong connection to the soul and/or higher self depending on your perception.  This amplifies your own inner guidance and eases the navigation of life’s journey.

     Pink Spinel can be used with any issues or discomforts associated with the sexual organs or cycles including infertility.  It eases any physical symptoms and removes any resistance to fully experiencing the miraculous happenings of the feminine body.  Pink Spinel can also help with chronic fatigue and adrenal issues as it gently increases endurance and re-energizes.  It also regulates metabolic functions and fortifies the immune system.

Pink Spinel is found in pastel pink shades to a deeper pink.  All color ranges of pink fulfill the mission of the gem and bring in the benefits.
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