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Collection: Agate - Botswana Therapeutic Necklaces

To receive the strongest healing effects of this gem in a necklace - the beads have
to be made considering the natural stripes. The following necklaces are made with
material which meets are high standards and quality check for potent results.

The mission of Botswana Agate has become even more important as humanity as
a whole is on the verge of a personal awakening which is well supported on all
levels by this gem.

Botswana-Agate belongs to the Quartz family of the banded Chalcedony
variety. It’s banded mostly in shades of grey and pink, although there are some
layers that have a soft apricot or brown shade. The extra fine and colorful
bandings and patterns on the stone make the Botswana-Agate very unique and
sought-after by collectors. It’s considered as royalty in the Agate family!

Some of the benefits of Botswana Agate
- Botswana Agate helps to seek solutions to challenges and problems of all
types by using intuition and creativity.
- It helps to keep one centered and not immersed in emotional influences in
order to see solutions which may have never appeared before
- Botswana helps one to stay calm and focused even when life situations
create an atmosphere of stress.
- It allows us to stay aligned with the heart and honest,  exuding our
authentic self
- Botswana Agate restores optimism and revives the sense that we can do
anything we put our minds to, just like when we were children.
- It gives a grounding force and solid ground to actualize our dreams.
- Botswana Agate stimulates courage to become a seeker of the greater
meaning of life - to see what is our truth, not the truth which was placed
upon oneself.
- It allows one to break free from emotional/mental cords, prevents any
unwelcomed "guests" within our personal space
- Botswana Agate is highly regenerative for the skeletal system.
- It helps nervous system issues including depression, anxiety
and paranoid tendencies


The Guardian of Botswana Agate explains...

  Botswana Agate opens the perspective to encompass all sides and views. This cultivates a deeper understanding of all those around and inspires compassion. This gem circulates throughout the aspects heightens one's awareness of all parts providing a more balanced and stabilized experience of the world.     

Botswana Agate stimulates all chakras from the head to the feet. This provides one with a fuller experience of the physical body and awakens awareness of overlooked parts. This begins the process of realizing that not only is the brain full of untapped potential but the physical body.     

This gem's energies travel through the nervous system improving sensitivity and nourishing latent or damaged areas. Botswana Agate regenerates the skeletal system including cartilage providing supports for the bones. It is natural support and preventative for arthritis. Botswana Agate also removes toxicity from all levels/aspects. Its goal is to simultaneously stimulate the entire being so everything is turned on at once supporting an entirely new experience of the Earth plane.     

In meditation, this can promote a unified heightened experience not encountered before. A neutral ground where all aspects can meet is discovered and the more that "place" is visited the easier it is to maintain that in daily life. This eventually leads to a complete effect of the raising of one's vibration and a treat to the senses and aspects.

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