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Collection: Alexandrite Cat's Eye Therapeutic Necklaces

Often described by gem aficionados as “emerald by day, ruby by night,” alexandrite is the very rare color-change variety of the mineral chrysoberyl. Originally discovered in Russia’s Ural Mountains in the 1830s, it’s now found in Sri Lanka, East Africa, and Brazil, but fine material is exceptionally rare and valuable.

Alexandrite is also a strongly pleochroic gem, which means it can show different colors when viewed from different directions. Typically, its three pleochroic colors are green, orange, and purple-red. However, the striking color change doesn’t arise from the gem’s pleochroism, but rather from the mineral’s unusual light-absorbing properties.

Because of its scarcity, especially in larger sizes, alexandrite is a relatively expensive member of the chrysoberyl family.

Some of the benefits of Alexandrite
-Helps to become your own source of happiness
-Strengthens power to choose, decide and make the most out of life
-Aids in centering oneself
-Gives hope, strength & light when despair or challenges arise
-Restores joy
-Reminds of life's purpose and our origin
-Increases intuition, creativity & imagination
-Helps brings balance to the physical and the spiritual
-Merges heart and mind connection
-Aids in restoring physical energy levels
-Helps in recovery from injury, surgery, etc.
-Can reverse chronic disorders
-Relieves tension/issues within the neck and neck muscles
-Effectively detoxifies the bodies and systems ridding impurities

The Guardian of Alexandrite explains...
Alexandrite is a high frequency, powerful and "magical" gem. Under different light sources it changes its appearance (color) due to its matrix. Its target is to restore one to the original state of being.

Many factors effect one from being one's true being but the main factors are often outside of one self. These influences form an approach to life and create energetic blocks within one's systems (including the nervous system, lymphatic system and endocrine system). Alexandrite works vigorously on removing these energetic blocks which frees one to live the life one was intended to.

Alexandrite also focuses some of its energy on the heart and its surrounding area. It is known that one of the most optimal ways of living is through the heart and if that organ is functioning at peak performance all other systems will have the benefit.

 More info about Cat's Eye Alexandrite - the guardian explains...

Cat's Eye Alexandrite has the same focus as Alexandrite: to restore one to the original state of being.  The "Cat's Eye" found in this gem enhances this powerful "magical" gem.  As with Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye portals can be accessed intensifying the effect of it.  But what is unique about Cat's Eye Alexandrite is the gem itself utilizes these portals to bring through some of the strongest healing energies available.

     One's nervous system was designed to withstand and utilize high frequencies.  So naturally Cat's Eye Alexandrite focuses its energies on and throughout one's nervous system to accomplish its task.  Restoring one's nervous system to its original state of being has a quick and most profound effect overall on one's being.  One's nervous system is also the gateway to the beyond so the better it is functioning the easier it is to connect to the higher realms.

     Cat's Eye Alexandrite offers one the means to expand into what was originally intended to be our natural state.

     It should also be noted that Cat's Eye Alexandrite utilizes part of the physical eyes to transfer some of the higher healing frequencies (as with Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl). With this utilization many see benefits to one's eyesight.

*Please note:
Genuine Alexandrite &  Alexandrite Cat's Eye changes color under UV light.
 We have added picture of the necklace with a UV flashlight shining on it to show that our offerings of Alexandrite Cat's Eye are authentic.



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