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Collection: Coral - Red Therapeutic Necklaces


Tools4transformation has long maintained a deep commitment to the
earth and the environment. Our Red Coral was harvested in harmony
with the ocean using only ethically and legally sourced options.
To do otherwise, we believe, would render it non therapeutic and is not
what Tools4transformation stands for.


Most coral gemstones available today are varieties of Corallium rubrum, a very specific pink to red colored species of the coral genus. In the trade, Corallium rubrum is sometimes referred to as "noble coral" and is considered to be the most desirable type of coral.  Noble coral has the most desirable uniform color.

Some benefits highlights of Red Coral...

releases impurities in the muscles
nourishes the blood
regulates blood pressure
improves circulation
strengthens skeletal system
stimulates tissue regeneration
beneficial to the lungs
increases vitality
boosts fertility

increases focus
helps to see things through to completion
assists in clarity
encourages creativity
builds confidence
relieves anxiety
improves productivity
amplify courage

absorb negativity
restores enthusiasm/optimism
increases motivation
protects from depression
calms emotions - brings peace
clears resentment/frustration
strengthens relationships
promotes honest communication

meditation booster
visualization enhancer
supports change and transformation
boosts positive outlook
helps to conquer fears
helps remove your "baggage"

Recently the Guardian of Red Coral shared the following...
Red Coral has taken on an enhanced meaning/use - to help bring the earth and its inhabitants from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension with a strength which is anchored in love.  These changes are crucial and will happen sooner or later - but with the use of Red Coral things can be moved through with more grace by allowing a stronger sense of center to be in place.  Red Coral strengthens the basis of all that is - strengthens the love aspect - and brings it into the lower chakras to transform and clear at greater speeds and deeper levels.  This overall allows one to rebuild one's personal foundation aligned with the 5th dimension and love.

The Guardian of Red Coral explains...

Red Coral offers a powerful boost to the physical body/system. Its energies give a unique fortification which strengthens down to the core of one's being. It is an all-around revitalizer - transforming the physical to an efficient specimen of nature. How does it do this? One might ask as Sia did. Coral has a natural affinity to the human physical structure due to the fact that it's largely made up of water (in very general terms).   

Red Coral, in particular, has the strongest physical effect providing healing within many of the body's systems. First, it supports the skeletal system strengthening bones and ligaments. Simultaneously it nourishes the muscular system through the enrichment of the blood. One experiences increased flexibility and strength. The blood enrichment is due to enhanced processing capabilities of nutrients. 

Red Coral facilitates the clearing of any physical blocks within one's system hindering its optimal functioning. It should be confirmed here that Red Coral is ideal for pregnant women!  Because of its natural processes within one's body, it guarantees that the fetus is receiving optimal levels of nutrients for its development.     

Due to the high identification level with the body - Red Coral allows for a door to be opened to other levels. If the physical body feels good/empowered, one tends to feel good emotionally and mentally. The good feeling transcends all levels with time and one's being is strengthened and uplifted. Confidence is enhanced and power from within is experienced.     

Red Coral is excellent for those who lack physical strength or lack a strong foundation for one's being.  It reawakens and calls forth the inner strength each possesses.

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  • Red Coral (Italian) EO+ 5.5-6mm 16inch
    Red Coral (Italian) EO+ 5.5-6mm 16inch
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    Red Coral (Italian) EO+ 5.5-6mm 18inch
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