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Collection: Agate - White (translucent) Therapeutic Necklaces

White (translucent) Agate
(White Chalcedony) Therapeutic Necklace

White Agate is a chalcedony and the quality we are offering in the necklaces make it almost better to be described as White Chalcedony because of its higher translucent nature - free of opacity, major inclusions, bands and stripes.

Some of the benefits of White Agate (White Chalcedony)...

heals skin conditions & irritations
helps dental issues
accelerates healing
aids digestive system
relieves insomnia
eases pregnancy symptoms
assists for high functioning nervous system
strengthens immune system
fights fever
relieves headaches

amplifies love
removes frustration and anger
cultivates tolerance and forgiveness
alleviates loneliness and sadness
helps overcome grief
brings about contentment
strengthens relationships
brings calm and peace
grounds and balances

attracts success & opportunities
aids in problem solving
relieves panic attacks, anxiety & stress
brings clarity & focus
develops patience
confidence in your own "skin"
encourages truth & honesty
clears mind clutter
source of positivity

helps to live your truth
aligns with divine nature
enhances soul connection
amplifies communication with all
expands perception
stimulates joy & happiness
activates intuition to new levels
heightens awareness
provides energetic protection
develops strong sense of inner peace & purity

The Guardian of White Agate explains...

White Agate is a purifier and amplifies the pureness within.  Everyone has a pure nature within even though it is often difficult to see.  White Agate assists in seeing the "good" in everyone, creating positivity.  This gem creates a soft protective shield which strengthens one's resolve to remain unaffected by the negativity around and maintain a higher vibration.  It is a great tool to use when surrounded by others who are of a very different mindset.  The gem fortifies the inner connection and helps to stay in alignment with one's true nature.

     In meditation White Agate introduces an influx of light that conveys nothing but peace.  This emptiness allows the breath to slow and the mind to shift from racing to calm.  The focus easily turns inward leading one down the path to a deeper meditation.  It is great for the beginner to meditation and seasoned ones, as it quickly induces the state needed for introspection.  White Agate can also be used for other activities which turn the focus inward such as yoga, Chi Gong, Etc.  The deeper one is able to go within, the more profound effect the practice will have.

     On a physical level, White Agate is simply soothing.  It is calming to the nerves, can ease head pressure (stress related headaches) and soothes the stomach and skin.  It can also be used before bedtime to turn the focus inward, rather than on events of the day, bringing relaxation which will continue deeper to sleep.

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    Agate - White (Translucent) EO++ 8+mm 24.5inch
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