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Collection: Tourmaline - Blue Therapeutic Necklaces

Blue Tourmaline that has attracted the most attention is the rare paraiba variety. But all Blue Tourmaline is rare.
Indicolite/Blue Tourmaline, colored by iron, can vary from a light to a deep blue and is the type offered in the necklaces below.

Like most Tourmaline, it is strongly pleochroic, meaning it shows different hues when viewed from different directions.
Indicolite/Blue Tourmaline in a pure blue is extremely rare, and most beads will have some green secondary hue. A teal or blue-green color is common in Indicolite/Blue Tourmaline.

Some of the benefits of Blue Tourmaline
-Blue Tourmaline helps to reach states of deep meditation
- It builds a deep inner peace
- Blue Tourmaline increases the access to higher levels and intuition while amplifying the talents/gifts which are uniquely ours
- It is an excellent tool for those trying to expand their psychic capabilities or those seeking to understand and process information received from the higher realms
- Blue Tourmaline encourages the release of emotional bonds
- It brings past hurts/ traumas to the surface for healing
- Blue Tourmaline assists in clearer expression
- It purifies the mind and the throat
- Blue Tourmaline frees the mind to explore a higher consciousness & spiritual connection
- It calls in the 8th ray - the ray of higher cleansing - cleaning attitudes and the subconsciousness of what is no longer serving us
- Blue Tourmaline is especially helpful for the thyroid, thymus and throat area/chakra
- It can heal and remove any issue associated with these areas
-Blue Tourmaline can be used to treat disorders of brain and the eyes
- It is very effective with headaches and migraines

The Guardian of Blue Tourmaline explains...
Blue Tourmaline nourishes and supports the mental aspect to have a balanced interpretation of happenings. The energies of this gem promote a heart connection while evaluating inputs. This unique feature provides the user with a great benefit as it gears the thought process to be more in alignment with the inner. Easily one's mental capabilities are increased as disharmonious non-supporting energies of the inner self are cleared. A partnership is forged between heart and mind and efficient processing replaces chaotic thought patterns.

Blue Tourmaline, through its energetic effect on the mind, releases the bonds of the judgmental mind. In many, the analytical side of the brain is overused. Every aspect of life is run through the analysis giving a distorted view leading to categorization of everything - judgment. Blue Tourmaline regulates this aspect supporting not only the analytical side but the creative allowing for a truer non-judgmental evaluation to take place. This, in turn, widens one's entire perception of the world and more opportunities and possibilities open up.

Besides the mental benefits Blue Tourmaline offers, it also brings nourishment to specific areas of the physical. The thyroid and thymus glands are given a boost from Blue Tourmaline. Also the throat is soothed. The energies saturate the brain but tend to focus on the nerves within especially the optic nerve. Some even experience a benefit on the lungs as in general blue gemstones have healing effects on the breathing.

Blue Tourmaline's major contribution though to humanity is the balancing of the mental. It is important to have clarity but without balance and a heart connection one's expression lacks alignment to the inner self. Blue Tourmaline supports one to have a fuller view and comprehension of life.
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