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Collection: Charoite Therapeutic Necklaces

Charoite is a Hydrated Potassium Sodium Calcium Barium Strontium Silicate Hydroxide Fluoride mineral that belongs to the Silicate class of minerals. Chariote is totally unique and rare. It has a very high energy vibration and stimulates and energizes both the body and the mind. This gem changes physical, mental and spiritual disease into health.
Charoite was first officially described in 1978 and named for the Chary River at Aldan in Russia. This is the only site in the world that genuine charoite is mined. 

Some highlights of the benefits of Charoite...

regulates the blood pressure
re-energizes body when exhausted
improves sleep
alleviates restless leg syndrome
heals nervous system
treats the eyes
helps relieve migraines, headaches
helps organs especially pancreas, heart and liver
attracts what is needed for optimum help

reduces stress and worry
helps to recognize limiting issues
enhances creativity
restores balance & spontaneity
cultivates courage
overcomes compulsions/obsessions
creates fresh approach
stimulates perception
helps to accept all facets of self including shadows

overcomes fears
boosts self-esteem
releases victim consciousness
cultivates unconditional love
helps to let go - releasing resistance
gives staminia for care-taking of others
amplifies personal power
creates safe space to be in - protected

 amplifies inner vision
gives spiritual insight
cleanses the aura and chakras
transmutes negative energy into healing
helps to live in the now
accelerates integration
enhances past life recall
protects against psychic attack
develops psychic abilities
helps connect to other realms

The Guardian of Charoite explains...

Charoite is a multi-system cleanser. Its energy swirls throughout all of one's systems - cleaning, clearing and removing blockages. This gem is the perfect choice when one feels "stuck" - either in life or on one's path. One's life is ruled by one's experiences. Depending on what those experiences are one can lead a sheltered existence or a robust action-filled one. Charoite brings forth aspects from both the emotional and mental fields allowing one to see what is actually holding one back. With this gem, if one desires, these limiting aspects can be whisked away instigating not only change but a freer flow throughout one's mind and emotions.     

Charoite should be considered by the wearer (or user) a strong transformational gem. It is important to tune into one's inner guidance on how/when to use this gem in order for the instigated change to stay within one's "comfort zone". Charoite freely shares its energies on a consistent level. Depending on one's current state the effects are from mild to intense.   

Charoite's purpose is simply to bring one closer to one's pure nature (higher self). The effects are actually regulated by one's self. The resistance level one has towards change is the deciding factor in how one experiences this gem. If one relaxes into the process, changes will occur effortlessly and one's essence will blossom. Through this process, one is able to understand more clearly one's purpose. Creativity and dormant attributes come forth to support one and one's purpose and a new beginning in life will unfold.  

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