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Collection: Mandarin Garnet Therapeutic Necklaces


The Guardian of Mandarin Garnet explains...

Mandarin Garnet is a higher frequency gem whose main purpose is to raise the frequency of the wearer (or user). Its energies gravitate towards the mid-section (throat to pelvis) flooding this area and saturating it down to the cellular level.  Each cell is affected by the energy and is given the nourishment needed to improve its function. 

This, in turn, affects one's overall feeling as more energy is freed up for other functions. If the core of one's being is solid it provides a strong foundation for personal growth, transformation and evolution to happen.  
Many experience the phenomena of three steps forward and two steps back as one travels through processes and experiences.

Mandarin Garnet provides strength and courage to face root issues that strengthen one's core. As the root issues are addressed, the pattern of three steps forward two steps back is stopped and one just continues to move forward. This guides one to a whole new level of being and the longer Mandarin Garnet is worn (or used) the more new levels of being are experienced as one continues to expand.     

Mandarin Garnet also enhances personal motivation and inspiration. Its energies promote optimism and help to maintain a detached state of being. It revitalizes one to embrace life and to live fully on Planet Earth. Enjoyment of all is restored as one witnesses life play out from the comfort of your "home" - the inner self.

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  • Mandarin Garnet EO 2.6-3.7mm 18.25inch
    Mandarin Garnet EO 2.6-3.7mm 18.25inch
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