ॐ All our offerings are therapeutic & genuine - lovingly hand made or selected - just for you ॐ


Tools4transformation is your personal source for potent tools for transformation -
be it for health, meditation, expanded consciousness - whatever your goal.

The Tools4transformation difference...
We are a home based business that makes and creates your necklaces from start
to finish. We do not employee buyers, graders, stringers, advertisers, shippers,
etc but rather do all these steps and more ourselves.

We hand select out material, going through 100s of strands, finding the beads
which suit our taste for high quality and vibration. Once we have a group of hand
selected beads we then divide them into groups by similar grading and vibrational
emanation - allowing for potent tools to be created.

Your necklaces are then made with care when the energy is most optimal. It is not
created as part of some one's work but rather made by some one who loves and
appreciates the gems, their potent powers and endless possibilities for healing.

Once we have a grouping of necklaces available we add them to our website and
share the news in our newsletter - all created and maintained by ourselves. Once
an order is placed, we carefully pack and send out asap using recycled boxes and
packing as much as possible.

The Tools4transformation difference is the personal care given to the entire
process of finding or crafting hi vibrational tools for you to use and enjoy for many
years to come.

Why do we use the term Therapeutic?
Gems are everywhere but Therapeutic qualities are limited and often rare.
We want to be clear we are offering the "top of the line" / "the cream of the crop" of
what is available on the market. It should also be noted that our descriptions of the
benefits of the gems relate to Therapeutic material only - not just what is
commonly found at local gem shops, gem shows Etsy and Ebay.

How different is our gemstone necklace quality
from those in the market who offer Therapeutic necklaces?
We hand select each bead in the individual strands - no filler beads. That means
our quality tends to be better than that available in the market. We have also worked with the same suppliers for over 20 years who make our selected rough material into beads per our specifications.
We are a home based business - not a company with employees. Every necklace is made with love and care - not manufactured - from start to finish by us. We select, grade and string all the beads into necklaces ourselves.

How are our necklaces different than what is found on Etsy and Ebay?
The material you find on Etsy and Ebay is different than what we offer.
We go through hundreds of strands (like what you see for sale)
hand selecting beads to create one necklace. So what we are selling is
the cream of Therapeutic qualities.  What is commonly found on Etsy
and Ebay are either not therapeutic or borderline therapeutic with
one or two beads of our quality therapeutic per strand.

Because of this, even artisan created strands are not of the quality we
offer, as their material selection is already lower.

We ourselves have been known to sell our rejects and buying
"mistakes" on these two market avenues to recoup some of buying
costs since it doesn't meet our quality standards.

Are your gemstones authentic or genuine?
There is a growing concern about gemstones being authentic.  In order
for something to be therapeutic it has to be genuine. We
have been working with Therapeutic Gemstones for 30+ years. During
that time we have cultivated a reputable selection of suppliers in
which we hand select our beads from in order to craft our therapeutic
necklaces.  You can be rest assured what we offer is indeed genuine.

In addition, we are able to "feel" the gems allowing us to be able to recognize the vibration.  Non- authentic gemstones have a
distinct vibration - which basically makes us feel sick.  For us, this is an
easy confirmation.  We take it a step further though and sit with the
completed necklaces and check the vibrational working and assuring its
harmonious effect for healing.

Do you offer a certificate of authenticity?
No, we do not, as the nature of our offerings demand that the
gemstones are authentic.  Non genuine gemstones are not
therapeutic.  This provides you with an unwritten guarantee.

What kind of thread / cord do we use on the necklaces?
We use a poly blend parachute thread. We have been using this
thread for many years and have had great results and few repairs of
our strands. The guardian confirmed that this thread does not
interfere with the mission of the gem.

Do your necklaces come with sort of instruction manual for
use on healing?
In order to keep our costs down and offer the gems at such great
prices we keep printed material to a minimum. For individual
cases/issues we can offer suggestions via email.

I saw another Therapeutic Necklace design on another
website - can you recreate it for me?
We do not offer custom necklace creation services.
If a necklace appeals to you that you found on another site - support
the creators/company through purchasing their unique design - rather
then replicating.

How can we offer such low prices?
We are a home based business with little overhead.  We are two
people, doing what we love - not a big company with offices and
employees.  This savings is passed onto you.
deal on something we also pass on that savings to you.

Do you offer discounts?
Our prices are already far below the market price so everyone can
benefit from great pricing.  

Do you run specials?
Due to a great increase in gem prices over the years we have
re-evaluated our pricing structure.  We decided rather than increase
our prices and occasionally offer a few necklaces on special or
discounted -  we would consistently - always offer - EVERYONE - high
quality at low prices.

Do you sell individual beads?
We sell beads in a minimum of 16" - not individually. We hand select
every single bead - not buying in bulk - so we do not have the luxury
of extra beads.

If you are seeking to experience the gem vibrations without the cost
of a full strand, we offer Liquid Gems. These are crafted from the
highest Therapeutic quality of the gemstones allowing for easy access
to the benefit and emanations of the gems.

How should I protect the gems from
radiation / x-ray when traveling?
We have never found that the gems need protection from
radiation/xray when traveling. The amount they are exposed to during the journey is
minimal. The necklaces are exposed to this amount in wearing and
going about our day to day lives. The gem vibration takes a great deal
to be disturbed or extreme prolonged exposure.
For added protection though, we suggest to protect the strands by packing them next to a purple plate. This can be used for cleansing too.

How should I cleanse the Therapeutic Necklaces?
We recommend the Purple Plates for cleansing of all Therapeutic
necklaces and tools. It is simple and easy - with no worry about if a
gem can be exposed to water or sunlight. Place item on plate
overnight and the cleansing is complete.
Purple Energy Plates/Discs

Necklaces can be rinsed with lukewarm water every two weeks or so.
If you feel soap is needed, use an unscented type and make sure to
rinse off residue. Directly dry and DO NOT expose to sun until
completely dry.

Why are the tips of the thread dark on my necklace?
In order to seal the thread to prevent unraveling we use flame to "melt" the
thread tips.  When white thread is used - the "melting" is very easy to see.  
This in no way inhibits the working but rather assures long use of your new
therapeutic tool.

Do you offer wholesale buying?
We do offer wholesale pricing for our Divine Healing Liquids and Sprays.
Other items we price as low as we can for all to enjoy.
Kindly inquire by email
The T4t Team wish ALL...
Love, Peace and Prosperity...