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Collection: Jasper - Picture Therapeutic Necklaces


The Guardian of Picture Jasper explains...

Picture Jasper gives insight into one's condition by allowing a "picture" to form of what is happening. It helps to bring to the surface what is the root of problems/issues which generally fear-related. Problems/issues are common symptoms of something which has been denied or not dealt with. Picture Jasper supports bringing forth what is needed to clear things in its entirety.

Picture Jasper has a great effect on the kidneys, helping to flush and cleanse them. This gem also has a smoothing effect on the skin and can be used to treat rashes, irritations, and even wrinkles.

Picture Jasper inspires creativity to better one's life and to help the Earth to recover from the effects of humanity. In meditation, it can be used as a beginning tool to connect to the manifesting abilities within. It also easily connects to the Earth's energy inspiring a unity to be experienced and a motivation to make changes for a positive impact on the Earth as a whole.

Picture Jasper promotes a clear picture of one's self and the world, increasing the awareness level. This opens the door to endless possibilities as anything can be changed if the awareness is there. 

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