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Collection: Lepidolite Therapeutic Necklaces

Lepidolite Therapeutic Necklaces
Lepidolite is a lithium-rich mica which often appears to glitter or
sparkle.It is found in various shades ranging from rose pink, purple and violet.

Below we are offering necklaces made out of EXTREMELY beautiful material of an unique
red grape color with a high translucency rare to find in Lepidolite.  It is all natural pink Lepidolite which in itself is a rare find.

Some other general of the benefits of Lepidolite
- Dissipates negativity
-heart chakra opener & stimulator
-enhances peaceful sleep & dream recall
-promotes tranquility
-provides deep emotional healing
-removes of trauma and trauma dialogues
-creates mental balance
-removes of stress and anxiety
-lightens moods
-extremely calming & nourishing
-anchors heart based living
- Curbs hyperactivity
-Restores emotional and mental balance
-Calms fears allowing for easier release
-Helps to release behavioral patterns and programs which are hindering

The Guardian of Pink Lepidolite explains...
Pink Lepidolite is a gem which vibrations directly go into the heart chakra and allows for this chakra to expand and grow. Our hearts are our best guides and protectors and following them always directs us on the right path/journey for ourselves. 
Pink Lepidolite creates easier access and increases the pathways to the heart to enable a freer flow of energies in the emotional body. It also helps to remove blocks and hindrances which are creating a less than positive experience.

Pink Lepidolite can also be used for inner work focusing on the inner child and/or self-love. It helps to cultivate the strength and courage which tends to get buried through clinging to past experiences and situations. Through this, the past can be overcome and a fresh new outlook can transpire. 

On the physical, this gem works wonders on the stomach as it eases and soothes the lining and helps with better assimilation. It also eases and soothes other areas within the physical which may tense up - like the skin (wrinkles), cramps, tendonitis, etc.
Overall it just makes the physical more fluid and flowing.

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